Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Realisation Part 4 : Time

Time. There are many things to be said about time. We all have a fixed amount of 24 hours a day. Yet there are people who finds it too little and wants more time. Contradically, some said it's too much that they don't know what to do with the extra time.

Time. Time can also be a way to prove certain things. It can be used to prove how deep, strong and faithful is the love towards another person. Time also proves how determined a person is in achieving something. It shows a person's true character overtime.

Time. As abstract as it is, time can also be the best healer anyone could find in the entire universe. When there's nothing elses that could be done to make things better, very often we turn to time to heal themselves, especially when hurt comes into picture. Time offers no love nor hate, no praise nor critism, no judgement nor bias. It is neutral on its own. But it could give us peace and clarity.

Simple human, often clouded by these illusions of love, hate, praise, critism, judgement, bias and many other worldy and temperal thoughts and past experiences. And very often these illusions had fixed a stereotyping mindset towards many of the outlooks in life. This build up assumptions, most of the time, inaccurate and unfair assumptions. Why? Because time passes. Time never stay still but our assumptions do. Our life is in the present time, but others judge us base on our past. This is why it is so difficult for those who wants to change for the better but yet met with this indirect obstacle and in the end, an long anticipated positive results may just unknowingly became stale and negative outcome became the unwanted results.

When someone has turned to time for healing, it must have been too complicated to undone the tangle and more opinions and assumptions will only worsen the situation.

If only everyone put down their egos and their judgemental mindsets, wouldn't this world be so much nicer to live in? Dance like no one is looking. Living like no one is judging.

Be yourself, for those who mind do not matter, and those who matter, do not mind.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 27: Simplicity)

All this while you guys had been reading lots of texts that must had been exceedingly complex for you to understand.

They are all very simple actually. All this while I had been liing quite a simple life with quite a simple view of the world. Although I might know more about the world and the environment around me than some of you out there, I still hold on to a simple view of it. That if i want to change the world, I must start from my own self.

This is the very foundation of my view towards this world. And complex things are almost always formed with simple building blocks if they are to hold firm. Try build a huge skyscrapper without the very simple looking metal beams and see what happens.

I won't burden myself with unnecessary things like worrying too much about things that I know I won't be able to change anymore, or worrying too much about how another person might think of me. I will just be myself without too much of a mask if possible. Perhaps I won't be able to go anywhere far if I carry on like this, but I know I will be happier thus.

So, complex or simple, it's all up to you =)

Let's create a world full of LOVE =)