Thursday, March 29, 2007

What people think of you based on your choice of cellphone (in Australia)

Just got to read a post from Engadget about how people tend to think of you based on the choice of cellphones that you are using. Head over and check it out.

Don't look now, but that Nokia in your pocket means you're over the hill

Here would what people in Australia think of me based on the brand of my cellphone, Sony Ericsson k750i (modified into w800i)

Sony Ericsson: Ambitious young men, professionals, success driven, individualistic

Here's what they say about Phiaw who owns a LG Chocolate phone:

LG: Favorite of mums, stay-at-home parents, success driven, harmony seekers

which i say, is quite true :p

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

27th IDC: R U Onboard?

31 May to 3 June 2007…

Where will YOU be then?

SJBA of course!


For the 27th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp!

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P/S: Why do you guys have to hold it so early T.T looks like i will be missing from it yet again T.T

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Journey called Life...(Part 37: Reading)

Reading and playing had always been part of me ever since i was in primary school. For all i know, the reading hobby was actually cultivated into me when my parents bought 2 big encyclopedias for kids when i was in primary 4.

At that time, i was by no means doing bad in class, but my parents were very very demanding on me at the time. They would demand me to be the top of the class at all costs, i mean AT ALL COSTS.

Everyday after i came back home from class, my mom would ransack my notebooks and bags for homeworks and checklist on what is supposed to be learnt before the next small test, and i will have to sit there beside her at the small table that my father built for our purposes and write and write and write until me and my older bro can memorize everything that is needed for the exam. Then afterwards, the results expected of me will be that i get perfect score for the exam. Not achieving what is expected of me will mean rotan for my poor hands. If their mood is good, then it will only be one rotan per mistake. If their mood was not good, it could mean lots more in store for me.

But in the end of the year, if i managed to please them with my results, they will take me to go kai kai (my childhood term for going shopping) and maybe buy some new toys for me, or even let us play at the game station in the supermarket while they go for their 'private time.'

I think i might had just put a bad name for my parents over the last few paragraphs there. But in reality, i have to thank them for being such forceful on my, or else you guys won't see me as who i am now. They are the ones that had let me into someone who loves knowledge of all things.

Today, reading is my top of list hobby. I get online everyday mainly to play games(WoW) and also to read. I can lose my internet connection, but i can't really lose materials to read. In fact, i always get myself spanked by my mom whenever i go back to Kuching due to the amount of tech magazines that i buy per week to read. But then again, as soon as i start to stop reading about these issues, i will have to spend a lot of time trying to catch up as this is a very very fast moving sector.

What do i read is the questions that you guys might want to ask at this point.

well, my interest at this point spans most of the fields that humans have knowledge in:
1. Technology esp those related to computers
2. Politics of Malaysia and of course the world.
3. Physics, more specifically in the field of Quantum Physics, Relativity, Cosmology
4. More recently, the financial sector as i am looking to increase my reserves.
5. Scientific articles, recently visiting Damn Interesting all the time.
6. Religions, i am interested in identifying the similarities in between the world's religions in a time when religious fanatics are trying to condemn everyone else to hell.
7. and practically everything else that raises my interest.

I believe that knowledge is the source of intelligence of all things. I am doing my best to apply what i have learnt into what i am doing, ad this will maximize the benefits i get from learning about things.

Learning is a life-long process, it's best that we do our best to learn the best that we could so our lives won't be wasted, for our own selves and for the whole of mankind.

Happy learning guys ;)

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~

p/s: I had made some adjustments to the sidebar of this blog. Hopefully it's more usable now, since there are less confusing and redundant categories and more intuitive names :p

Friday, March 23, 2007

Article 11

No doubt this is an sensitive issue as played recently. Article 11 of the Constitution of Malaysia are the very words that guarantees the freedom to practice religion in Malaysia. It is now oft quoted by government officials as something which cannot be breached or the very fabric of Malaysian society will be unweaved... I thought it will be the best to link to explanations about this article as contained within the institution and what it means. Enjoy reading.

Article 11: Alive and Kicking

P.S: I had been eating vegetable soup for the last 2 weeks... i think sooner of later, i am going to be so sick of veges that i won't be eating them for the rest of my life. Blame myself for buying so much of them as one time...

Bounty on Anti-Piracy Dogs in Malaysia

It's all over the internet, the news that some pirate king of Malaysia putting bounty onto the heads of the dogs which are brought in by some government agencies to help detect the presence of pirated CDs and DVDs...

Here are 2 of the better links for more info:
DVD Pirates puts out hits on dogs Lucky and Flo the crime dogs. (Engadget)
Malaysian DVD Pirates want sniffer dogs dead.

Let's see what happens to them within the next few days. and i wonder why the mainstream media in Malaysia didn't say a word about this...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Happens in a Court...

Click on me...

Q: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?
A: No.
Q: Did you check for blood pressure?
A: No.
Q: Did you check for breathing?
A: No.
Q: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began
the autopsy?
A: No.
Q: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
A: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
Q: But could the patient have still been alive nevertheless?
A: It is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law somewhere.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tags Galore

Since i have now 3 tags on my head, i better go complete them before they accumulate into a mountain... hehe... enjoy...

Tag #1 (from WP)
For this tag i am supposed to answer the next questions... Here goes...

Q1: Who is the most wanted blogger you want to meet?
Q2: Who is the group of blogger you most wanted to meet?
Q3: Who is the “I can meet, want to meet but somehow never get to meet blogger’?
tag 5 people at the end.

Q1: Who is the most wanted blogger that I want to meet?
Hmm... haven't thought of that yet. But if you really want to know, I just want to meet my co-blogger, dear Jen... Hey, you asked the question... :p

Q2: Who is the group of blogger that I most wanted to meet?
My best friends who blogs... hehe... Hey, you guys from AUSMAt 21, you guys reading this?

Q3: Who is the "I can meet, want to meet but somehow never get to meet blogger'?
hmm... Mahatir Mohammad?

Tag 5 people: Chang Yang, Boon Phiaw, Kimberly, Angelicia, Esther(to bomb you back)... heh heh...

onto the second one

Tag #2: from Esther
Each one starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write (in their own blog) 6 weird things as well and state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave each of them a comment letting them know you tagged them and the cycle goes on.

Here it goes...

1. I love computer and gadgets (yea rite, as if none know this). As evident from this blog of mine, you guys can also see that i love to tweak them as well, I can spend the whole night and then sleep till i miss the next day's class just because i am so engrossed into tweaking the darn thing into how i would like it to work until i forgot or don't care what time it is then. Well, my latest project of tweaking my brand new red Sony Ericsson k750i(really old model. i know, but who cares about 3G capability anyway) was a big success. Now to continue researching into ways to tweak the menus as well... heh heh...

2. I do chain reading online. I have minimal 10 tabs open all the time in my firefox, and from that, i can go to more than 30 tabs waiting for me to read and close. All due to the fact that i want to read more on the subject and clicking on links from the page for more info. All in all, one page can spawn an average of 10 more pages. That is the reason you see my personal message in MSN as 'can't stop reading now, HELP!' hehe...

3. I love doing Lego bricks.Have been playing with those ever since i was 9 years young. When i was 11 years old, my father brought one big pail of Legos back home(at the time, i was still studying in Brunei). I was so engrossed into playing and buiding things that i can spend one whole afternoon buiding something from scratch and without manuals into all kinds of structures like planes, cars and motorcycles. Since the set that my father brought back have lots of components missing, i have to improvise by buiding replacements from the remaining blocks. My greatest achievement? A car built without manual that can be steered and the doors opened. Buiding it results in me having one big headache for the night after buiding it from scratch in a hot afternoon without air conditioning.

4. Due to the way my name is written, many mistook me for a girl the first time they see my name. The worst thing is, there is a girl that mistook me for a girl even though i have a picture of Casper the ghost as my avatar in ReCom-.- ReCom guys, you reading this? I am male, ok?

5. I sleep with my pillow over my head, not under it

6. I am learning how to cook. The wried thing is, I never bothered to go and watch my mom cook even now...

Tag 6 people: WP(as said, she don't allow links to her blog), Boon Phiaw, 4seasonspring, King Ung, Wei Chung, Melvin.

Now that the second one is done, on to the last one.

Tag #3: from Esther, again


Name: VOON See Hua
Birth Date: 24 October 1985
Current Status: Taken
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty

My Heritage : 110% Hakka
My Fears : Not living life to it's fullest
My Perfect Pizza : no preference

My Thoughts First Waking Up : I don't think i can ever remember that
My Bedtime : ranging from 12am to 10am
My Most Missed Memory: Time with my dear, enjoying myself during the holidays in Kuching

Pepsi or Coke: No preference
McDonald's or Burger King: McD
Single or Group Dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: Who cares
Tea or Nestea: preferably teas, koffee makes my stomach uncomfortable
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: As said, coffee makes my stomach uncomfortable

Smoke: Never...
Curse: All the time
Take a Shower: I don't want to be too stinky
Have a Crush: Once upon a time, if i have one now, it will be a big disaster!
Think You've Been In Love: I don't think, I am...
Go To School: Fachochschule
Want To Get Married: studies first
Believe In Yourself: Yup
Think You're A Health Freak: Not a freak la, but i do my best in terms of taking balanced meals

Drank Alcohol: Beer, vodca, wine, sangreal(i think)
Gone To The Mall : I love gadget window shopping
Been On Stage: err...yes, but i still have stage phobia
Eaten Sushi: Yepp
Dyed Your Hair: I like natural beauty

Played A Stripping Game: Nope
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: nah, i change people instead :p

To Be Married: Before 30 i think

Best Eye Colour: No preference
Best Hair Colour: No preference
Short Hair or Long Hair: Long... hehe...

A Minute Ago: chatting and replying to 3 tags to my blog
An Hour Ago: cooking for my dinner, Porridge and vege soup.
4.5 Hours Ago: Playing WoW
1 Month Ago: On the plane back to Kuching
1 Year Ago: Just started my first semester here.

I love: Living beings
I hate: nothing, hate is too negative a feeling
I hide: a lot of things from strangers
I miss: my dear, my family and my buddies
I need: to buck up for this sem, cannot fail anymore subjects

I'll tag someone as this is kinda knowing you, the blogger, better. Well... LIMITED EDITION.

1. Boon Phiaw
2. Chang Yang
3. Angelicia
4. WP (again, no links allowed)
5. Wei Chung
6. Yvoneee

I think some will kill me for giving them such a huge list to reply to... heh heh... but i love bombing people... bluek

Edit: I got a threat to put my head on the guillotine if i don't edit the name which can't be mentioned, so the name had been changed into a more discreet one...

Edit: Jen accidentally edited the first part of this blog, so i had to change to what i think i wrote them... Obviously my will to write this time isn't as great as yesterday, so the answers are shorted that original... hope you guys wont mind. And don't you guys dare to blame her, people are having exams now you know... Else i will stuff bomb into your mouth... heh heh

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sony Ericsson K750i -> W800i

After managing to read for more than 24 hrs, initial flashing, a phone that died on me and then revived later, I had managed to coax my Sony Ericsson K750i with APAC (Asia Pacific) firmware into a W800i APAC Walkman phone...yipee... hehe...

Now i have W800i Walkman phone with nice red K750i look... Ah, the taste of research and development, as well as long hours of reading that brought the sweet fruits to me...yipee!!

Notice the Walkman player on screen... hehe... Now wait for my 4GB Memory Stick Duo Pro to come, that iPod Nano is trashed :D :D :D

Thanks to the friendly and super resourceful guys in for their helpfulness in answering questions and for developing the wonderful softwares that made all these possible.

Ok, time for me to go and sleep liao... c'ya guys later :p

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~