Sunday, August 06, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 27: Simplicity)

All this while you guys had been reading lots of texts that must had been exceedingly complex for you to understand.

They are all very simple actually. All this while I had been liing quite a simple life with quite a simple view of the world. Although I might know more about the world and the environment around me than some of you out there, I still hold on to a simple view of it. That if i want to change the world, I must start from my own self.

This is the very foundation of my view towards this world. And complex things are almost always formed with simple building blocks if they are to hold firm. Try build a huge skyscrapper without the very simple looking metal beams and see what happens.

I won't burden myself with unnecessary things like worrying too much about things that I know I won't be able to change anymore, or worrying too much about how another person might think of me. I will just be myself without too much of a mask if possible. Perhaps I won't be able to go anywhere far if I carry on like this, but I know I will be happier thus.

So, complex or simple, it's all up to you =)

Let's create a world full of LOVE =)

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