Thursday, July 19, 2007

My camera's bag


After cancelling the order with the online shop that sells the official bag for my camera, because the delivery is taking too long, I had decided to look for a new one. This is actually the smallest one i can get that can fit my camera in :p

For more photos of my new gadget, go visit the Flickr page

Laws of Thermodynamics

The Laws of Thermodynamics states that the greatest state of chaos is the state when the temperature of the universe is completely uniform.

Putting that analogy to humans, does it mean, to achieve complete equality amongst us, the humanity would have to descend to complete chaos?


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Charity Mission to Ladakh India 2007

Dear Bros & Sis,

I will be leading a group of 16 Friends of Mahabodhi Ladakh form Malaysia, Singapore & Australia will be visiting Ladakh India from 17th August 2007 till 26th August 2007. The group will be led by Bro Charlie Chia. We have prepared a missionary itinerary for the visit to Ladakh where we intend to carry out missionary and charitable works in the mountain villages of Ladakh.

At the same time we will visit the Mahabodhi International Meditation Campus of Venerable Sanghasena, a notable and compassionate Theravada monk called Devachan where he had set up boarding schools for the girls and boys from the mountains. The school have a student population of 250 students and all education are in English. He had also set a Meditation Centre, Nunnery, Senior Care Homes, 50 bedded Karuna Hospital and lately the Jetavana Monastery. For your information, Ladakh is the only Buddhist majority district in India. The population consists mostly of Ladakhi and Tibetan refugees. It is as high as 11,000 feet above sea level.

In conjunction with the missionary and charity work that we have planned there, here is a list of items that we intend to distribute:-

DVD's of latest shows for children

School Stationeries

UV Resistent Sunglasses (Old and stylish sunglasses are most welcome)

Electronic Watches

Hand Held Musical Intruments (eg Guitars, harmonica, flutes etc)

Computer Thumbdrives

Dynamo Batteryless Torchlights

Backpack bags and Luggage bags

As some of these items are very bulky and incur heavy air freight charges, we suggest that donors and well wishers contribute in the form of cash and we will procure them in India (the bulky items).

We hope each and everyone can approach your friends, colleagues and relatives for contributions and you can bank in to BGF account before 12th August 2007. the Account is as follows:-

Buddhist Gem Fellowship

Public Bank Berhad Account No. 3109670729

We hope to raise RM 50,000 to purchase all the items that have been requested.

May our aspirations and our generosity bring good merits and a safe trip.

Metta & Best regards
Chia Lui Meng, Charlie

Monday, July 16, 2007

Realisation Part 10: The art of transforming anger

Picture speaks louder than words. Our life can be represented by a graph. I experienced the art of transforming anger with mindfulness today. Identify, embrace, understand and transform. Just some sharing of my ups and downs i went through today. Enjoy~


Saturday, July 14, 2007

IMU Charity Run-Carnival on the News!

Hey Check out The Star and Malaysian Today newspaper!!!!

Our IMU Charity Run Official Launch was featured in the THE STAR on 13/7/07 and the news appeared in MALAYSIAN TODAY in this weeks' issue (12-18 July 2007)~!!

Read the news on The Star online here!

To read the news on Malaysian Today, grab the newspaper from your
university/college today and read it! Be amazed by the full coloured news..hehe..

For those who have yet to know what it is about, it's a charity event organized wholly by IMU Pharmacy & Medical Students to raise RM50,000 and all the money raised will channeled to TWO Orphanages (Santa Jerome Home in PJ and Rumah Shalom in Puchong) and ONE Orang Asli Village in Kampung Serendah. It is to support the homes' rental and
utility fees for TWO YEARS and Health Programmes for the Orang Asli.

IMU Charity Run-Carnival 2007

8th Sept 2007, 7am - 4pm
Mark this date on your calender!!

IMU Bukit Jalil Campus

(Easily accessible by taking Star LRT and stop at Sri Petaling station. IMU is just opposite the station!! Get the travel directions here.
For those who are driving, get your maps here)

YOU and your FRIENDS!!!

Because you'll be having lotsa FUN while raising FUNDS for TWO orphanages and ONE Orang Asli Village. Every LITTLE contribution from each of us will make a BIG difference in those underprivileged children and the health care of the Orang Asli.

Visit our official website for more detailed info

The official Launch was held last Wednesday to officiate the event. A gigantic banner was rolled down and registration for the Run is now officially open for all. Come and run! It is a good excuse to give your body some exercise while chilling with your friends and receiving lotsa of things in return! *HUGE goodie bags waiting for U~!* Register today by downloading the forms here!

The coupon selling is hot on sale now!! It's only RM 10 and you get so much more in return. Get one book of coupons TODAY and bring a friend/group of friends with you!!

Varieties of food, games, prizes and performances are waiting for you!! Tantalize your taste buds & do your part for charity!!!

What could be more pleasing than doing your part for charity while filling up your stomach with lots of mouth-watering yummy bites?


Day starter:

  • American breakfast of various combinations in addition to delicious pastries, sandwiches & waffles
  • Scrumptious salads available for the health-conscious and vegetarians
  • Italian lovers: we have pasta & spaghetti topped with sauces of your choice.
  • Oriental foods: food we identify ourselves as Malaysian!
  • Nasi Lemak

A wide variety of food available: you name it, you get it.

Not to miss out on our delectable desserts designed to satisfy your appetite to the fullest. Among the selection includes brownies with ice-cream, cendol, ice-kacang, ice blended smoothies and many more.

So what are you waiting for??

HELPING the needy!!!!! Bring all your friends along!
Lets Light A Hope for the Little Ones~

We can do no great things; only small things with great love. Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

Buzz me for more info and personal touch!!! This sincere invitation is extended to all my dear friends, old and new, visitors of living here and now and those who wish to do small things with great love. ;p

Jen :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Here is an interesting video from day-dreamer's blog about Ipoh. Since Jen came from Ipoh as well, I am going to help give tribute to it as well ;)

Go and have a look at this page and post your comments there ;)

For the benefit of those who are from ReCom, this is the girl version of day[dash or underscore]dreamer, not the one who have an anime girl as his avatar :p

Anyway, Kuching still rocks big time =)
I miss Kuching laksa :(