Monday, December 18, 2006

Digital Photography (Megapixel Myth) *added link*

Since I always have people asking me on which megapixel suits them the most when they are buying their cameras, and that i had stumbled onto this very nice preview on what you should actually be looking for when buying a digital camera, I think this will be a good read for a lot of you out there...

Megapixel Myth (Computerworld)
Wired News: You Need More Megapixels?

Talking about camera... geez... I have to save up money for my next one already... mine is already in the graveyard... My next target? Canon Powershot A710 or Canon Digital Rebel XT350 SLR. For for those who kept on pestering me on why I don't want a smaller camera, it's because my hands are super shaky, and so, it's better off that I get one which is more comfortable to hold...

That's all for today...c'ya all later...

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