Friday, February 02, 2007

Forex scams

In recent news about the forex scams, it is not a surprise as to why people fall into the bait of such scams. The con men are indeed good at playing around with the human nature: greed.

I do admit that myself has once fallen into such scams when i first ventured into the working force after my A-levels; went through a two-week training on the forex tradings and all, however i went off right after that two weeks after hearing stories of the other workers not being paid despite working for 3 months.

I went off after 2 weeks. A colleague of mine, stayed on for month hoping that at least she'll get her one month pay and not waste her 2 weeks there without getting anything. However, when she demanded for her one month pay, she was paid with a mere RM200 despite working from 9-6 from monday to friday for a month. At least she still has her sense to leave right after proving that the company is indeed fishy.

What i could not understand is, don't these people mentioned in the newspaper has the sense to sense something is wrong and by all means, leave? Or are they so eluded by greed?

Don't they at least thought over a million times before taking their whole lot of savings before dumping into some unfamiliar tradings? Or at least think over and do some research before departing with that huge sum of money?

It's really silly if we actually have to deposit such huge amount of money way before we earn a single cent from them. What more these people are being paid peanuts. If you think carefully enough, for the amount of money (RM96,000) you dump into these scams, you are actually losing RM 8000 a month for a year. Wake up. Do not be greedy. Think before you leap.

Although i was not paid a single cent and instead i had to fork out my own expenses for that 2 week job, i learnt alot about the mechanism of forex tradings and has somehow spur my interest to know more about it. Those who have the same interest can come and share with me. :P

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