Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting Things Done

Last year, during my bored times as an intern, I have bought a book titled Getting Things Done written by  David Allen, mainly through the rave reviews on the net.

Getting Things Done is mainly about getting thoughts out of the mind and onto more solid medium filing system. This will serve to help the mind to keep their focus on current task as it don't have to carry the burden of remembering things as they pass.

Sadly, after reading the book, being the lazy me, I have failed to implement the things learnt. After analysing my past year, I have come to realize that I have been playing catch up on a lot of things that I have to deal with. I am constantly behind schedule on my activities, and there are many occasions that I have forgot to do things even after repeated reminders. The last past had led to a point when my supervisor had to yell at me for not implementing a simple change to a sentence in my internship report (I only implemented it 20 minutes before it was sent to the print shop :P The report still got myself lots of praises from my professor and second supervisor though).

Even worse, I can't locate the book when I am looking for it just before Jen came here for Christmas and New Year holidays. Darn, I must have misplaced it somewhere when I was shifting house or holidaying at the third quarter of the year (I have the tendancy of keeping favourite things with me at all times, which also leads to them being the things most liable to misplacements).

Anyway, I have gotten myself the other book of David Allen, Making It All Work, winning at the Gamd of Work and the Business of Life. With this book, I hope that I can finally stop thinking and start implementing changes to finally get myself ahead of the game.

With this post, I would start a new series highlighting my journey in reading and implementing the suggested changes, and the effects on my life.

As a first sign of change, I am taking notes even while reading the book (at least the 16 page that I have just read) as suggested. Along the process I am also writing my todo list of stuffs that I am supposed to do in the near/long term, as the first step in implementation.

With this series I am hoping that the implementation will stick, and not be relegated to the realm of "I know I should do this but... "

This is my resolution for the new year, to start doing things effectively :)

Wish you all a happy new year 2008 again, the year ahead will be wonderful again for me...

p/s: my final exams in the course are coming the end of this month so don't expect much postings from my this month though.Btw, should I start posting about the things that I learn about during my classes, like how optical fibres work? :P

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