Friday, April 30, 2010

Living Here and Now: Reboot?

It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog. During this time, I was busy with my thesis, preparing for my final two papers in my examinations, being depressed and being happy.  Yea, it has been quite a semester for me.

As of now, I am busy looking for places to do my masters (somewhere bigger than Aalen, hopefully). While doing this, I am also trying to clear my huge backlog of articles in my RSS feeds, spamming around in ReCom, and designing a new interface for ReCom Wiki.

Life has been pretty good to me so far, with many of my old and newly found friends being so supportive on many of my predicaments and being patient while listening to my rantings. (A big salute and thank you to the all of you out there!)

Anyway, to the main issue of this post. I will be doing a reboot of this blog, and hopefully, I will again be able to post regularly in topics ranging from local and international hot issues, computer tips, politics, discussions in ReCom, and my own musings on random things that always seemed to pop up in my head. I have always wanted to be able to  communicate my points properly to the others by speech and words, so it is my aim to improve myself in this aspect by writing and posting stuffs here again. If there is anything that you would like to comment on, feel free to do so =)

It is good to be back again, hope you guys will enjoy reading what I have to say all over again!



  1. Welcome back, you've been missed :P

  2. Thanks guys! Great to hear from you guys here again!

  3. eiks, my post get deleted.

    glad to hear from you again.

  4. I wanna be back to blogging as well.!! LOL

  5. Welcome back See Hua! It would seem like I am the last to know you updated your blog. Nice template you have here! Look forward to your updates. =D

  6. @.@ I was thinking that this blog is rather under the radar...

    Thanks for the support, guys!