Thursday, February 23, 2006

Settling Back into the Moment : Being Here and Now

Every moment should be lived completely and wholeheartedly

taken from "Settling Back Into The Moment : A meditator's inspirational guide"


  1. Food for thought...
    Dont look too deep in your heart, or you may also lose urself. rmbr to take the middle path.
    Dont be too engrossed in simplicity, bcoz life is not that simple and you will continue to be naive.
    Dont think that u had reached partial enlightenment by indulging in buddhist teachings bcoz it will make u feel that u r alwaz rite n others are alwaz wrong. You will fail to keep in touch with the realities of the world, forever entenched within the propethic utophialiness of the supposed world. detachment then, is not a saviour but a cause of enstranglement from the world.

    Juz some food for thoughts from a buddhist friend
    Rmbr to take the middle path alwayz in whatever u do

  2. be humble and everything can teach you...

    never take to the extremes, or extreme results will come...