Sunday, June 25, 2006

Realisation Part 3: When Sweeping The Floor Has A Theory Behind..

Well, after lazed enough during my semester holidays, i finally got the urge to write.

I was happily sweeping the floor this afternoon, trying to help out in house chores, when suddenly something struck my mind. I just realised the difference of sweeping the floor using a broom together with a dustpan compared to sweeping with just the broom itself.

Imagine yourself sweeping the floor.You have a dustpan with you. You tend to sweep and gather the dust in a small pile and sweep them into the dustpan u have with you. This action is repeated until u finish sweeping the whole house.

But what if you don't have a dustpan with you? Probability is that you'll continue sweeping and compiling the dust until u finish with the whole house ending at your back door.

If u try this out yourself in practical, you'll realised that it is so much easier to sweep with the company of a dustpan. As the dust were swept into the pan from time to time, u feel it's easier and less of burden to sweep the floor. Besides, it's cleaner that way because you don't have to keep track of so much dust flying around as you continue sweeping through the whole house.

So what is it that's so interesting about the theory behind the sweeping process?

In real life, the dust represents the problems and troubles we're facing in our daily life. And the broom, is us, while the sweeping process, is the way we handle our problems and troubles. As for the dustpan, it's any way of us to release the tension and stress caused by the problems. It could be by writing, sharing with someone, chatting or reading.

When a problem hit us directly in our face, sometimes it's unlikely to close one eye towards it and act as if nothing has happened. These life challenges are ineveitable and may be the cause of burden and constraint in us. Many would keep and keep and keep their problems deep down in their hearts and mind not knowing the importance of releasing them once in a while. At one point, when the burden got so heavy that they couldn't handle them anymore, their system break down.

If we had observed the theory of sweeping closely, we solve the problems in stages and once they're solved, we close the file and release (or even flush) them out of our system. Wouldn't our life be so much lighter that way? Everytime you face with a problem, you solve them in stages and release them in stages. Let go the past and hold no grudge, for every experiences you have gone through has made who you are today. Concentrate on the present. It's more energy savvy and 'cleaner' to your (mind and body) system this way.

So, that's my theory behind sweeping the floor. Hehe. Hope u have enjoyed reading :)


  1. Sweeping floor = solvin probs... integrated with dustpan...give u 5 stars...hehe...=p

  2. hehe...thank you thank you...
    That's one of my random thoughts. ..Not always can get thou...hehe...:P

  3. yen chiewJune 26, 2006

    that is really.. didnt know u can be so philosophical when you're sweeping the floor.. tell you what, i'll make u a come over and sweep my place, and i'll listen to u all day.. ;P wouldnt mind listening and to learn a thing or two from you..can get a cleaner room in the process as well..

  4. whoa~~i agree with yen chiew...come over to my house also...i'd like to be your student...i promise to pay full attention when you lecture me...hahaha...=p

  5. haha...chiew, Thanks for that awesome reaction. Smart smart yen chiew, your place is so darn far la wei, how to go to your place and sweep? Travel all the way to farmer's river isit? ;P

  6. hopefully d way jen sweep won't be so dusty that everyone goes AAAAHHHH CHOOOOOO.... *evil grin*

  7. To learn such intricate philosophy by just listening is going to be a waste if what went through your auditory system are not put into action. As the saying goes, you do and you'll understand. So as to ensure my lessons are fully absorbed by my fellow students, i would highly recommend my dear yen chiew and mr kangaroo to instead of asking me to go over, i would like to invite both of you to come to my place to apply the theories you have learnt. I shall be right there to facilitate each sessions for impeccable learning proess. :)

    *heck, since when i have two students? By the way, where are my tea?

    And casper, AAAAHHHH CHOOOOOO = AH CHIEW which is the way i call my dear friend here. Yen chiew, isn't it an honour for all of us to keep calling your name while the sweeping is in process??

  8. AHHH CHIEWWWWWWW = *intended pun... :p

  9. exactly what i always do in school last time. casper, dun regret when this happens to you very soon...keke...ppl will start sneezing like this


    (u know, when ppl sneeze in a quiet place, for example during a meeting or a seminar and u don't wana your sneeze to roar the whole place....)

    or another version
    (when u wana reduce the noise of sneezing...especially when your talking in a big group or in exam hall)



  10. sneeze no sound one... :p

  11. yea rite.....
    i shall see about that....

  12. Don't wait till i catch u make a slight sound when u sneeze the next time...:p

  13. Cannot than u guys...from sweeping floor to ahh chiew...somemore comparing the sneezing sounds...really salute u guys =p

  14. errr.. am i supposed to feel offended here.. hmmm.. beginning to get really confused here.. but anyhow, u promised me a well-swept room woman..

  15. nope...jus teasing you nia.. heh heh... sory if you feel offended... =p