Friday, September 28, 2007

Journey called Life... (The most important person)

"Some men see things as they are and say "'Why?' I dream things that never were and say 'Why not?'

Robert Kennedy

"There is no one more important than the person in front of you at that moment. Take that moment to be woth him or her."

Robert T. Kirosaki
Retire Young, Retire Rich,First International Edition, 2005, Warner Business Books,
ISBN 0-446-61743-1

"The most important person in the world right now is the person in front of you."

Uncle Charlie Chia

All this while, I had thought that the most important person in the world will be myself, for if I am to help the world, I must first be able to help myself with my own business. These words by Uncle Charlie at our(Jen and me) last meeting with Uncle Charlie had imparted another very different view of the world into us.

The very words echos what that have been the theme of our blog all this while, living right here and now. When we are communicating with others, we will give our full attention to him or her or them, and at that moment, our world their world.

All this while, I have always not given the due attention to others when I am chatting/talking to them. As a multitasker, There are a lot of times when I would always find a secondary activity(surfing the net, reading a book) to keep my mind occupied when I am chatting online. At times, I feel that I am maximizing the usage of time by doing so. But in the reality, I find that the results of such multitasking doesn't bring anything fruitful as I am splitting my mind's attention into many.

As said in my last post, our mind can only process one thing at a time. When I am not giving due attention to the other side of the communication line, oft times, I find that I missed something crucial and had to ask the other party to repeat themselves. (I had irritated Jen a few times asking her to repeat what she had said, because of line problems, and sometimes, because I am not paying full attention). Right now, I do think that asking the other party to repeat themselves because we are not paying attention means that we are not respecting them as a person(respect forms one of my life principles :)).

As of now, I am still trying to get myself to be able to focus on something for longer than 5 mins(very successful during gaming, reading, not successful in other fields:P), so that soon, I will be able to give the person in front of me the due respect as my most important person at that moment:), and that will be another step at living the moment as it truly is...

At time time of Merdeka, I wish all a very happy Merdeka, and Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~
got myself the latest album from Kymm, and also reading the book "Retire Young, Retire Rich," the fifth book in the rich dads series written by Robert T. Kirosaki. I find his ideas very fasinating and very practical as well, but no, I am not going to rush out and buy real estates right away. I still need to plan on how to use my money first :p

written this post last month, but have always forgotten to post it, so here you go :p

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