Sunday, January 13, 2008

Journey called Life: Being Happy

Do you want to be happy all the time? Very "useless" question I know, because everybody's answer will be the same: "Yes!"

Being Happy is one of the ultimate goals within our minds. It's the time when we really enjoyed ourselves, laughing, smiling or just being contented with stuffs. It might be the time when we are with our friends, chit chatting away for the whole evening, or me being at my girlfriend's side helping her with her stuffs...

Meanwhile, there are also lots of things in our life that have kept us from the happy state. And I find that people tend to keep themselves more to this state even though it's making them feel gloomy and sad. As for the reason, I am still not sure why people do that. What I know is, if you are sad, you are the only one who can get yourself out of it.

Here are some of the things that I do to keep myself happy :)

1. Being contented
I have all the necessities that I need to live a life. I have food to eat, I can drink clean water, I have all the time I need to do my things (Though i do sometimes run a it short on time), I can read all the things in the world, I have a family, and I also have a loving girlfriend. Being contented doesn't mean I don't have the desire to further develop myself though. I still have goals to achieve and someday I will be achieve it.

2. Being Thankful
Every day, I am thankful that I can live another day, still alive and kicking. I can still enjoy the sceneries around me, the sunset, and the life that I have. Every time someone help me with my difficulties, I thank them and hope that some day later, I can repay them in kind. By being thankful for the things that I have and not the things that I don't have, I've managed to keep my complaints to the minimal. The glass is always half-full anyway, why not enjoy it?

3. Being Helpful
I always that by being helpful, I am contributing my little bit by making this world a better place to live in. For me, there is no bigger joy than watching others benefiting from the help that I've provided. Hence, I do and will do my best to help lift people out of their sadness by being there anytime that I can, or help fix their other problems however that I can. This doesn't mean that i will make myself available anytime though, I do have my own things to do as well :p

4. Taking a break
Taking a break always bring peace to the anxious mind. Whenever that I find myself anxious about something, I always take a short break from the things that I am currently doing. A short break might just be what you need to keep yourself working longer and brings in more productivity as well. Our minds do need rests, just like our body. And no, overworking it won't bring any benefits to a tired mind.

5. Doing something that I like
Whenever I decided to take a break, I like to engage in things that I like to do. From chatting with my friends through MSN to reading about stuffs available in the net, there are lots of options for me to relax my mind. I like taking pictures at times, or taking the journey to my friends' place for a visit, or building the Lego set that I sometimes buys, or even spending hours trying to fix my just broken Ubuntu Linux installation. It's always helpful to distract a mind that is tired so that it can relax for a while :)

6. Finished Task
When I have finished doing a task, I will be happy that I've managed to tick another thing off the list of "to-be-done" list. One less task to do, one less thing to worry about.

7. Never let bad stuffs bother the mind
Whenever I feel down, I've always find things to distract the mind from dwelling too long in it. Whether it's by doing things that I like to do, or just plain taking to a close friend through the phone or by sleeping, it always helps to do something that keeps us from going into it. The mind ca only be focused on one thing at a time, how are we going to be happy when we are sad?

8. Surprise people
I like to send out post cards randomly from time to time to my friends. Sometimes i do make surprise calls as well. It's very satisfactory to see or listen to people's reactions when they got the calls or postcards. Something good that is unexpected always helps to bring an element of happiness to people's lives, and that might just be the very thing to bring people out of their low state if they are having their low-time now ;)

These are some of the things that had enabled me to be able to smiles at the world everyday. Hope it can help you guys out there as well. May all be well and happy always ;)

*Keep it up, never stay down after you've fell~


  1. Sometimes (and just sometimes), certain sadness reflect the happiness of life. No? =/

  2. yeap, but sometimes only...

  3. Am i supposed to feel happy now? *rolling eyes..blink blink* hehe.. oh well, needless to say i am more than contented, thankful, grateful and most importantly happy to have such a patient, joker, understanding, caring and loving bf..haha..more to be listed but it's gonna occupy the whole

    And another tip for happiness: when the hormone overrule at certain time of the months, it is most advisable to stay in and and no, dun talk on phone or read newspaper because u r gonna be annoyed by everything u hear and read..haha..

    *it's bit lame but have some truth in it...need more samples though. since n=1, it is not enough to carry out hypothesis testing..wakaka*

    anyone wants to participate in this study? ;)

  4. fine...don't call during the 'time' liao :p

  5. aiks...seriously...maybe i shudnt be so ge po,muka tembok and campur tangan and leave my comment...but i simply cant help it when i see hung jen's "n=1"....


    well..are u reading too much journals recently??:P

    or ...

    is it me that have not been reading enough?=~

    ~ur 12th floor fren~
    p/ more staying there liao...

  6. I think I am 'drowned' in journals... I am still thinking whether to carry out the paired t-tests and the dunno what statistical tests that everyone is frenzy about as our n is not big enough..coz if the n is not big enough, although the result is significant, it will still be invalid right?? i dunno la, im so so stuck... plus 10 journals only, how to choose ah? pening~ PP2 this friday and all the PK and metabolisms next tuesday...i think i really need Hiro Nakamura's ability to stop time :S

    *Hiro Nakamura is a character from Heroes.

  7. You guys pening ar? me here have to study for 8 subjects for the exam and haven't really started studying yet le...