Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One location to conquer them all...

Here's the deal. Due to the many times I've to fix others' computers, and most of the time I won't have my portable hard drive with me, so I always have to go to the related sites to download the things that I need. Hence, I've created a sharing space in 4Shared to store my most used programs. And as a bonus, I've decided to let you guys access the files there as well...

It's still incomplete as of now, but should have most of the programs that I've find useful to maintain my computer as well as introducing lots of convenient functions that doesn't take too much resources (check out the Texter and Launchy, they've saved me lots of time. Intro coming in the following weeks after my exam).

Hope you guys will find a central location to download things useful. You guys may access them here. Now I got to go back and hit my brain and notes again, see ya


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