Thursday, July 31, 2008


I used to like the idea of being a tiger under a pig's skin. Now although i still buy that idea, but at a different price. I would prefer a tiger under a dog's skin.

I realised these kind of thing slowly becomes a part of a person when it's done too many times, which i don't think anyone would fancy the idea of being a pig at all. Skin changing process takes time, effort and patience.

What i meant by skin here is impressions.

The impression we give others is analogical to the skin on our body. It is the first important organ that could be seen well by others. Impressions work the same: it is the first important mind set that is set in others.

And why is impressions so important?

First, it is the main source of attraction. If let say a restaurant appear dirty, messy and unkept, would you still go in and try their food eventhough they claim that their food is clean and delicious? If a person appears confident, assertive, and smart and you are a boss building up a management team for a high fly company, would you not hire him? If a girl is refined, well-kept, pleasant, polite and beautiful (to most guys), would you not be attracted to ask her to be your friend or even your girlfriend?

Welcome to the real world.

Impressions are like a travel passport. Without it, you can't go anywhere. The food in the restaurant might be very very delicious, but people are turn off right away by the sight of it. Although you might say they are being denied their own opportunity to try the best sanwich in town, but people wont bother as there are millions of good food out there. And I would say, the impression the restaurant gave others is denying themselves a chance to prove that their food is delicious.

Going for an interview and winning a job is very much depend on the impressions you gave the interviewer the first 15 minutes you are with them. The tiny little actions you do tells a lot about you as a person. The way you knock the door, the expressions on your face, the way dress up, the way you walk, sit and talk all plays an important part in sketching the impressions they put on you.

A scenario: If you walk into the room and before you say anything, you tripped over the chair and the files in your hand are now scattered on the floor and you clumsily pick them up and realise you missed out your most important certificate... this does not give a very good impression, does it?

Creating a good impression is a passport for people to know you more. This is called the attraction. If you appear so unrefined OR your name has been tarnished so badly by others, do you think others would still have interest to know you more eventhough you might be perfect inside?

Not giving a good impression to others is our own loss because we are denying ourselves the opportunity for others to know more about our good. It's our responsibility to build this good impressions and keep improving them. You will never know how long this first impression will last!


  1. That is so true...people like to say that appearances don't matter, but the first impression is always about appearance, and that matters.