Friday, August 01, 2008


Colours Colours Colours. I just love colours. Look at the number of colour pens and highlighters that i have?

And what I did to my module notes.. Just love tabbing my module notes.

And love my little cute panda and my comfy little bed :)

I just love doing nonsense just before exams. I should be studying.

Exam dates: 11, 29 july, 4, 5, 13, 15, 18, 19, 25 aug, 2, 3 sept.

2 down.



  1. WAH! So many highlighters! And I thought I'm siao for having 6 different colours... lols. =x

    All the best for your exams!

    And pssst! I also like to do "nonsense" during exam period. Why eh? :D

  2. WAH! So many highlighters! And I thought I'm siao for having 6 different colours... lols =x

    All the best for the remaining of your exams!

    Psst... I also like to do "nonsense" during exam time. Why eh? :D

  3. haha... now u know u are not siao, im more siao than you.. I still have another set of pentel metalic pens which is not with me now:P

    According to my 2 of my friends, they say i'm having an obsessive complusive disorder and colour fetish.. =.="

    Dunno, it just feels much nicer doing something other than studying during exam time.. haha... maybe this is called the inner rebellious nature in human.. XD haha

    Thanks for the well wishes! All i want is to pass my PP3 exemption exam on the 18th! Pray hard for me k.. thanks thanks hehe! ;)

  4. Wow, you really use a lot of colours! I am totally the opposite, I use one colour, unless if a second colour is really necessary...:P

    Good luck in your exams! ^_^

  5. heee... yalor, paiseh.. i reli use alot of colours :P

    thanks for the wishes!

  6. Wah... Jen, i think next time when you own a house.. it'll be really easy to tell which one is yours! LOL!!!! thank god your colours limit to written materials... currently!

    yes, its normal for us to do something else other than studying during exam season. i, for one, would take the time off to clean my room :p

    Gambatte with exams!

  7. haha LOL. I dun think i would do that to my house but I use to have t-shirts of each of the colours and i will stack them up in a rainbow tone. :P

    Me too, I always have the urge to clean my room. Normal but too much of it becomes harmful(end up no time to study). However still not as harmful as mentally doing something else (mind wanders off! although the book is right in front of u).:P

    Thanks ade. I need it alot. :)