Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Chicken and the Duck

It is the relationship anniversary of a couple, in a time so long ago that we can't imagine when. Anyway, back to this couple. They were celebrating their anniversary with loving hugs, light kisses and a sumptious romantic lunch near to a lake. They happilly chit-chatted their way through half the afternoon, before deciding to take a walk around the lake.

As they were slowly strolling their romantic way through the park, they heard a sound:

"Quack, quack," it goes.

I'll pause here to let you guys figure out what it is.

Now now, it doesn't have to be that long... 5 more seconds






Got an idea of what it is? Yes? let's move on with the story, and find out what it is

The lady exclaimed, "Oh, I heard a chicken!"

Dismayed at the statement, our young gentleman corrected her, "No, my dear, it's a duck."

Thinking she is right, she retorted "No! It is definitely a chicken!"

"Quack quack," the sounds goes again.

Not wanting to give up, our gentleman hit back, "There, it's a duck! No chicken ever goes 'quack, quack!'"

"It's a chicken!"

"No, it's a duck! D. u. c. k. duck!"

... The argument went on for a while ...

Finally, teary eyes, the lady said "But, but, it's a chicken..."

Seeing the teary eyes, our gentleman finally saw the light, "Yes dear, it's a chicken."

Happy again that they finally agreed on something, they walk, hand in hand, toward the sunset.

"Quack, quack!"

So what is it? A duck, or a chicken? That we will never know. if you think it's a duck, it's a duck. if you think it's a chicken, chicken it is then. It is said that we can never be right and correct at the same time. We can be right, but not correct, as seen in the argument. Or, we can be correct, but not right, as seen in our gentleman's decision to yield. What matters is our priorities, which, in this case, means getting the animal right, or the relationship going.

Lesson of the month (December): We can never be correct and right at the same time.
Teary eyes is the best way to get guys to agree with you.

Source: How to Win Friends and Influence People -Dale Carnegie
Ajahn Brahm's anecdote during his talk "How to survive relationships"

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