Monday, January 01, 2007

Realisation Part 7: Happy 2007 ~

First of all let me wish everyone a very happy new year~! New year is here how did u guys dived yourselves into the new year? oh well, i did it by counting down in front of the comp, online chatting with many friends...those who had chatted with me few hours ago should know..more than 10 active msn windows and im still online now*.. :p

As i was gleefully greeting many of my friends a happy new year and receiving streams of smses wishing me happy new year, i know and i realise, there are many who are actually not happy at all at this very moment im typing here. Some may be crying tearfully at the loss of their loved ones**. Some may be hiding behind their bedroom doors still looking at the scar of their past hurts**. Some may be faking a smile to hide the depression in their hearts**. Some may be still recovering from the anger of being exploited like a slave and had just resigned from the job today**. Some may be putting up a happy face despite still holding on tightly to a grudge formed long ago in the past**. Some may be wetting their eyes missing someone**. These are the few people i personally met and had in touch today...

Of course its undeniable while so many people are in their own grief, their are also many who are actually enjoying themselves. Some are enjoying themselves in some private hideouts***. Some are shaking their heads and butts off in some discos. Some are happily chatting away on the internet. Some are having huge celebration with their friends waiting for the countdown.

And some doing the more neutral ones...
Some may be sleeping it was suppose to be the way it should..keke..(healthy lifestyle, but im still awake now.. :P) Some may be reflecting over their previous year and thinking over a new resolution for this new year.
Some may be rushing to finish up their assignments, especially those had played too much during the long holidays.
And some, like me, writing a post for the blog..

After reflecting for a moment, i realise how lucky i am, and how lucky most of us are. Life is really short and there is no time to frown. The 2 deaths of those close ones of my frens and one myself in such a short time shows how short our life is, and how fragile our life is. Just like a candle, once 'Phoof~!' and there goes the light. Likewise, if life is not guarded well enough, it'll also 'Phoof~!' just like that. I realise how important it is to live our life happy, to be satisfied with the things given to us as well as things that are not given to us. I suppose things always happen for a good reason. Cherish everything that's given to us, treat both the good and bad the same for blessings often come in a disguised form. Like my friend just told me just now, if we don't know the unhappy, then how to be happy? If u had not tasted the bitterness, how do u appreciate sweetness? Let go of things in the past.. Forgive those whom had hurt you because, holding on to the grudge hurts not the others, but you urself. Forgiving someone who had hurt u for so long and so deeply is never an easy task, but the liberation felt after being able to let go, is more than words could descibe.

Dear readers,
Good luck , Good health God bless you :)

Wanna know some of my new year resolutions? We shall count how many times it's broken for this year compared to last year! So there goes....
1. Sleep earlier. Catch the beauty sleep! Uh, ignore the time of this post..
2. Not to procrastinate. Ahem..ignore the * below.

So u guys have new year resolutions too? hehe...hope u guys will be succesful in acheiving them la!

If life is a game, i wish u will be winning always.
If life is a journey, i wish u will be walkin on on roses.
If life is a rainbow, i wish your days will be bright always.
If life is a joy, i wish you will smile always.
If life is in blue, i wish the sparkle in the stars will spark u up :)

That's my wish for you. May everyone be well and happy this year. :)


* i am supposed to do my holiday assignment u know! ahh..the first new year's resolution to be broken. :p

** For my dear fren, a physical body may lose its life but the memories remains alive in your heart. Let it spur you to cherish more of those who are still living today. May you and your family be strong and well. Take care my dear friend.*hugz*
** For those who had been hurt deeply in the past, it's time to let go the past and start anew. Don't let the past sadness kill the present happiness. Leave behind the hurt and guilt but take along with you the lessons you learnt. Bring happiness into the new year. May you be well and happy.
** For those who are in deep depression, look at the positive side. While some things may seemed fated that way, the destiny is in your hands. Purify oneself, do some good and say a prayer. May u be blessed in this new year. May you be well and happy.
** For those who are still holding a grudge, it's time to let go. Don't let the past grudges ruin your present happiness. Forgive them, and forgiving is a way to free yourself from self torturing. Youll understand the meaning of forgiveness once u give it. May you be well and happy always.
**For those who are missing someone, familiarity breeds contempt. Distance makes our hearts grow fonder. Having a person to miss is a blessing. So cherish those moments of missing. May you be well and happy.

***ahem, you know who u are, you havent told me the location..I'm curious, faster tell me..hehe :P


  1. so busybody miss jen...but i owe u nothing liao as i guess i've told u abt it alr rite?hehe,u know wat 'it' refers to...hehe,see if u can fulfill ur new year resolution...jia you =p

  2. Yah.. indeed life is short and fragile.. so we must seize the day, cherish the people around us, especially our loved ones and be grateful for what we have.

    Imagine when you are 60 years old, looking back at your life, how would it be? Would it be full of regrets, or will it be full of satisfaction?

    A very insightful post indeed. Keep it up sis! May you have a great year ahead! Remember to keep your new year resolution! ;)