Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Journey called Life... (Part 36: Nolstagia)

Here am I, sitting right in front of the computer just doing nothing. Ok, I am missing home now. I miss all the activities that i can do with my close friends back there. And i sure hope that time goes a bit faster so that i can go out yum cha with them. Anyways, i will be back in Malaysia during the Chinese New Year period for one week, and then another week in West Malaysia before coming back to Germany again to start my third sem here.

By that time, hopefully you guys are free enough to come out and lim teh la... hehe...

meanwhile, i'll keep enjoying the feeling of nostalgia and also missing my Dear back there... hehe... Quite a nice feeling actually...

Till next time, c'ya all ;)

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~
This post might contradict my always talks about being here and now. Now, i am not the buddha ok, and there are no need to go to extremes... hehe...
This post was somehow inspired by listening to 988 FM... hehe... yes, i am listening to Malaysian Radio Channels here :p My Fm is out of the list now due to it's insistence of using ActiveX controls, and the fact that i couldn't get a decent connection to it...


  1. So nice that you can go home to celebrate CNY... I have to go back before CNY. :( Enjoy your time in Malaysia!

  2. haha...i can't really celebrate cny also... tabooed due to unforeseen consequences last year...but anyways, it won't stop me from going out and yum cha :p

  3. i'm missing my dear dear oso oooooo~

  4. ic ic, enjoy ur stay at malaysia, i have loads of work to do and my praktikum to kick off.

  5. haha...okie..want souveniors from malaysia? :p