Sunday, June 03, 2007

Journey called Life...(Ancient Wisdom)

Ever since thousands of years ago, the great teachers had passed down many values that had held lots of societies together. Values like respect, love, freedom with responsibilities, hospitality, mindfulness and lots more had been the pillars of many civilizations throughout their golden years.
Ever since the last century, these values were eroded more and more by people who think that 'freedom' means being free to anything that they want to/desired. The aftermath of this is how our society looks like now. Violence is a welcomed way to treat those who are not liked (gang wars, wars between civilizations), and the youths are blatantly ignoring warning of their elders and engage into sex and drugs without caring about the consequences.

In many ways, the ancient wisdoms can survive until today since thousands of years ago isn't a coincidence. They can survive because they work. Many of the principles still do apply at this modern age. The rules of society taught by the Lau Zhi such as respect and humbleness are still very relevant today, so is being mindful of our actions and consequences (The Buddha) as well as loving each other as if you love yourself (Jesus Christ). The fact that we are now modern and different from what society is 100 years ago doesn't mean that these values will have to change as fast. We can do thing differently, as long as the intentions are still good...

So, from now on, be mindful of your actions. If the intentions behind it are good, by all means, proceed with it. If they are bad, consider discarding it. Keep the decline in standards in check, use your freedom responsibly.

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~

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