Thursday, June 07, 2007

Realisation Part 9: Slowing down

*Life's the most beautiful of all out there, slow down and have a look around, there are much things not to be missed~

How many of us actually noticed these words at the end of this blog each time you read? No, i don't. Scrolling all the way down to the page is not my habit and if I do, it means I had not been reading the blog for ages. I hit the bottom of the page just now and I saw these words. These words are there all the time, but I never noticed them often.

Looking at these words reminds me about what I told Casper two weeks ago. I was telling him about how quality of life can be deteriorated with the increasing speed of life. About my life being so fast that I hardly have time to enjoy the cooling breeze caressing my face or the beautiful stars in the sky gazing at me at night or just sit down and watch the kids play. Life has passed by so swiftly and I hardly noticed the changes around me, the changes in others and changes in myself. Things that I once look into its details has left at its macro view and gross judgment. I really had missed so much.

After going through almost 4 months of tip top madness made me realized while I gain experience, knowledge and ideas through the madness, I lose something more important in life. I lost the sight of the beauty of mother nature. I lost the sight of the beauty of silence and solitude. I lost the sight of the beauty of thoughts, care and love. I spend lesser and lesser time with myself and more and more time on others and matters. The mind is always so preoccupied with endless thinking and ideas which often makes me more absent minded than ever.

In life, we always need to reflect upon ourselves for us to go further. Life has been too fast for me. It's time to slow down and reflect. A moment in life will only come once; once we lose it, it'll never come back. I can't afford to lose too many of those scarce moments. It's time for me to cherish them more. Have you been cherishing yours too? If not, now is the time. :)

p.s: The writer here has only been back home for 3 days out of her 38days of holidays. She just got back home again today. She will really spend the remaining 4days of holidays wisely before the madness begins again on Monday...

p.p.s: Although the theme of this blog is living in the present, the author can also sometimes go off track :p Am working on going back on track.


  1. Wow, I don't think I ever saw that! I never scroll to the end of the page...(or maybe once in a blue blue moon...)
    Anyway I think it's true, we have to find a balance in looking around now and looking to the future...
    Do enjoy these last few days of your holiday!

  2. -.- the phrase had been there for half a years already...

  3. Yes. Life is to be enjoyed. We have as long as a lifetime. No point rushing through it. :)

  4. i'm enjoying life again..:)

    bluek..din see it often enough..but it means i read the blog often..bluek :p

  5. yaya... *justification*

  6. I really need to correct my typos... second comment, the 'years' is supposed to be 'year'

  7. k still as busy...even busier starting from today (new semester starts today) but hey, i do enjoy my few days at home k..and busy can still enjoy life one rite?

    erm, often enough that i do not need to scroll till the bottom of the blog. -.-