Saturday, June 30, 2007

First time dispensing

First time doing dispensing….extemporaneous dispensing (Extemporaneous dispensing is the compounding of ingredients to prepare a medicine for an individual patient)…It is for the first time I feel the feeling what pharmacist in the past used to do and it is kind of funny having the fact that I am already a second year, 4thsemester pharmacy student. Anyway, leave the syllabus aside. I actually find my first time experience a fun and a fresh one having able to touch and mix and stir drugs, mixing difference ingredients and formulate it into something that is actually to be taken by real human. It is something like baking a cake with a recipe in front of u if u wanna visualize, just that this is one the ingredients are of much smaller dimensions (I wonder if it is easier and familiar for those who are good at cooking and baking, since they are used to mixing and all..ahem..hehe)…

Back to the topic, imagine the patients are going to swallow what you have prepared; how accurate u weight and measure each and every compound of the ingredients, how clean and sterile the instruments we use and how skillful we are in mixing the formulations determine the quality and condition of the drug itself when they receive and popped the medicine into their mouth. Quite challenging in a sense, but fun and adventures despite the heavy responsibilities put upon our shoulders. I like the mixing and stirring, seeing the solutions immerse in each other giving shiny silver reflections* it’s as if the liquids are dancing gleefully in the solutions. It brings out the inner joy in me despite the fact that I had to rush during my lab session and the stirring process could be quite stressful to our triceps and biceps..:P

I made three solutions today; 200ml of Potassium Citrate Mixture for the treatment of mild urinary tract infection, 100ml of Ferrous Sulphate Oral Solution 50mg/5ml as supplement for the iron-deficient anaemia and 20ml of Sodium Bicarbonate Ear Drops to remove ear wax by softening it. Kinda proud of my first three drugs freshly prepared by me..hehe.. :p

Since I only did formulations for oral solution drugs this time around, will write my other experiences with other forms of formulations next time. :)

*the reflections came about when I added syrup into the double strength chloroform water :p

This week was an extremely busy and demanding week for me. Had meetings non-stop for the whole week and I just made the record of having meetings for 15 hours non-stop in one day alone (Tuesday 26/6). Currently still in a midst of chaos and stress trying to get things work and organized; having to juggle with my heavy lectures and studies as well. Luckily yesterday get to go out for makan gathering in Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant in SS2 with my speaking course mates. Eating a good one can really reduce stress. Thanks guys! :)

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  1. Congratulations on your first time! When I need medication next time, I come find you, ya? :P

    I do agree that eating is kinda stress-reliving. All the best!