Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election is Here!

Election is just few hours away and I am sure those who are already eligible to vote and able to go all the way back to their hometown are either already back in hometown 
or are on their way home.

Whatever it is, it is election on many of our minds now and for those who are voting probably already made up their mind who to cast their votes and exercise their rights on a long-anticipated-time-of-every-five-years polling day. 

And this year's polling day is not just any ordinary polling day. It coincides with the International Women's Day and..... our 'beloved' Works Minister's Birthday! It's such a pretty nice date where it is all 3 in 1 celebration.

For single guys out there, you get to practise your rights while giving a glimpse at the  pretty girl in front of you during the polling, and best of all, u have a pick up line ready for you! It's International Women's Day! Isn't that great?

For those who haven't decided, now is your time! Cast your votes with wisdom! This video might help release some of your tension while deciding... For those who are not voting, haha, it's time to have some laughs.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch this video and you'll know what i mean. Have fun! :)

* Thanks to my bro who showed me this page. Thanks to his boss for sharing as well. Those two are his friends. It is super funny.

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  1. Haha, very funny video! But hey, what song is the music from? I know it but somehow I can't think of the title...

    You're voting, I suppose?