Monday, March 03, 2008

Lame Post

Since im feeling a little bored... i mean really bored... My dear fren, carolyn started telling me a story about an old uncle...

"... One fine day, there was one old uncle aged 70 years old, he has alzheimer. The wife couldn't tahan him and send him to a nursing home. He is sitting on the wheelchair when she was doing some registration at the counter. The uncle tilt his head to left side and the nurse saw and quickly put a pillow on his left side to prevent him from falling. After a few minutes, the uncle started tilting his body to the right. The nurse saw it and quickly put the pillow to prevent him from falling again. After few minutes later, the uncle started to tilt to the front and the nurse quickly ran to him and put a pillow in front of him. The nurse later tied the uncle to the wheelchair to avoid him from falling. When the wife was done with the registration, she turned back and was shocked to see him being tied to the wheelchair. She asked " why are you being tied??" " The... the nurse don't allow me to fart."......"

Okie...that's all the lame joke...


P/s: I just found out LoL not only stands for Lots of Laugh, but can also stand for Loss of Libido... haha... (* okay, that's lame*)


  1. Eh I thought LOL = Laugh Out Loud?

  2. eh...for me lol is laughs/laughing out loud...

  3. i used to think it's lots of laughs until i came across the phrase laugh out loud ;)

  4. many version.... haha... i tot it was lots of laughs.. but they all mean the same thing la :P