Thursday, March 06, 2008


Germany is a country roughly the size of the Malaysia that is situated right at the middle of Europe. If you guys that had been through the secondary school education in Malaysia and still didn't know where the heck is it, go back and relearn your history and geography as well.

Here in this article I will discuss about the clichés that are often said about this country and whether they are true or not, based on my personal experiences.

1. Are the German Sausages nice?German sausages or commonly known here as Würst here consists commonly of pork, beef and turkish meats. And there are lots of variants of them as well. Some of them looked like those in the picture, very thick and short for the standards here. If you really need numbers, the diameter of these kind of sausages can go up to 3cm or so. And then there will be some that are really thin but ultra long, often reaching more than 30cm.

Unlike the dish seen here, most of the time the sausaged will be taken with breads (Brötchen), either in between 2 halves or eaten separately.

2. Breads
During my orientation class when I first came to germany, the teacher said that Germany itself can offer more types of breads than any other place in the world. When you go into any breadshop over here, you might go dizzy with the array of breads on display ready to be sold and eaten by it's hungry customers. Locally at my state, they offer pretzel as a local specialty (I don't find them particularly nice, a tad too salty due to how they are produced).

Most of the bread shops here offer some kind of oven to heat up your selected bread should you have any kind of interest in warmed food.

3. Do the Germans like to drink beers?
The answer here is obviously a big yes. They germans here LOVE it in fact, even more so in the southern region of Germany. One of the most famous festivals related to Germany, the Oktoberfest celebrated all over the world, originated from the city of Munich (München).

Apart from the festive times, they also drink beers during party times as well as during gatherings. At these times it can be irritating because when they are drunk, they can do all sorts of wild things. Most of the times they are just irritating, like making loud noises or throwing bottles out of the windows. Sometimes they can get quite scary as well, like randomly opening other peoples' doors, fights and vandalisms. I have had at one time a guy opening my door after a party at my uni at 3am. Lucky he just closed the door afterwards. At one time the police actually e-mailed to all students asking for information on a serious injury occured to a poor guy after a party gone wrong.

But all in all, if you don't overdo it, drinking beers with the Germans can be pretty relaxing, sitting around in the common room chit-chatting (I miss those times).

As for me, yes, I do drink here, but only once in a few weeks and no more than one bottle at a time. So, most of the time I can still keep to my senses, no worries here ;)

The Germans use an array of different glasses to drink their beers from. The ones that you usually see in the pictures are the mugs, really big ones. Most of the time though, when you order beers at a german restaurant, they will serve you beer with a glass that is about 30cm in heigt that is a bit thinner at the bottom than the top.

Well, I think that is all that I can write at time time. Will be posting more on such things in the future.

It's already 6am here, and I still haven't taken my good night sleep... Scold me la for not sleeping earlier (screw the bowl of tom-yam bee hoon I cooked for supper just 3 hours ago).

Anyway, to the all of you out there, take care always and don't inhabit the bad habit of being a late night cat from me...

*Music can help on soothing anxious minds. If you find yourself very nervous or anxious, get some music at the right pace to set yourself to the correct mood ;) ~

all pictures are taken from their respective Wikipedia pages.
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  1. whoa the food is making me hungry... *gulp*

  2. Hehe, you didn't answer your first question! :P Are the sausages nice?

    I tried pretzels when I went to a town bordering Germany (I believe it was Colmar) I kinda liked it, but it just isn't a replacement for's too different!

  3. German sausages ar? definitely better than those made in malaysia la... but don't eat too much of them lest you want to keep yourself away from sausages for life...