Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Living in uncertainties

21st March marked the last day of my 5th semester exam, which also marked the last day of my 5th semester which officially ends Part A of my Integrated Masters of Pharmacy Degree Programme.

Life since then becoming less and less structured and more and more liquid. Before and during the exam, all i need to focus is to study well and do well in exam. Everyday was a routine: wake up, have brunch, read newspapers, study, study, study, study, study, cook, have dinner, study study study study, study study study study, watch sunrise, take breakfsat then sleep ( or i should just call it a nap). As soon as the exam ends, all i wanted to do was to sleep, but, my body has its own plans. It kept waking up at 6 to watch sunrise. It took me few days before i stop waking up automatically to watch sunrise. Will post up those videos when i have the cables with me.

Holiday dreams were scattered when the hard fact of flying over to climb mount kinabalu for 6 days 5 nights and for the beautiful manukan island after considering all possibilities will burn a big hole in the pocket. Although RM 1700 is wee less than what i'll be getting when im in scotland next time, 250 pounds is way out of my budget. Second holiday dreams were scattered when i was informed there ws no more bus tickets to the beautiful Perhentian Island. Feeling rather desperate for a holiday, i was planning for more holiday options with my other 3 friends, but all don't seem fit due to tight and unparallel schedules. There goes, my after exam hype was spent on perfumes and shopping and packing and moving house.

31st March marked another eventful day of my life. It's the last day we are going to step in our rented unit in vista. It's the day we had or hosp attachment briefings, visa application briefing, measuring of our suits, had our life go through the two and a half years ago at our pharmacy night, the first and last time of me posing a sexy pose on stage and taking a midnight bus home. First but hopefully not the last of all pharmacy batches gather together to give a farewell party to all graduating batches, B104 and P106. Thanks to our juniors P107 for putting such effort in organising the event, preparing the performances and all. It was indeed memorable and the video never failed to make us emo.

* will continue the emo part in another post*

Now that i have no more place to stay, i have to rely on the kind heart of my brother and friends to accommodate me during the days i will be in kl. Uncertainties in commuting, in accommodation, in schedules are making life a bit difficult. Unanswered questions kept popping up in my mind. What will my results be. When will they release. Where to stay. How to go. When to go home. When will I be needed here. When will the candida come. When will the mice arrive. What to bring. What to buy. How much time do i have. Millions of questions to be answered. Millions of possibilities.

I shall wait for some good news soon I hope. Cross my fingers and lets pray for the best.

May the forces be with you.

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