Friday, April 11, 2008

Of sufferings and Karma

I was practicing on injecting a mice on its lateral tail veins and it felt so painful to see their tails being pricked, especially when the needles did not successfully deliver the solution into the veins. At the end of the practice, all I see is a tail that has gone blue black. Felt awful for them. But i have done it for a good purpose of research to improve the efficacy of drugs, for the benefit of humankind.

I asked a friend of mine who is very knowledgeable in Buddhism to explain to me regarding karma that i would generate from my actions.

He told me a story instead.

" Once a nun living alone in the cave was raped by a robber. So when she came for the teachings, some monks prevented her from sitting with the Sangha, saying that she broke the precepts. At this point do you think she did?"

When this matter was brought to the Buddha, he asked the nun. "Did you will for this to happen?" No. "Did you enjoy it when they did it?" No. "Did you feel happy after that?" No. "Then please sit with the Sangha. You have not broken your precepts."




  1. Definitely enlightening.

    Goodness, tail veins?! Their tails are already so thin, how can you see the veins? (er...never mind, I'm not sure I want to know :P)

  2. That was the question of which I still haven't gotten the answer yet :p

  3. well, that's why it's called practise. though we do want to make sure it's done correctly and who ever wants to make errors on such dangerous procedure. but sometimes i do wonder in the name of human mankind part.

    better errors on mice than human anyway!