Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Damn Interesting

Amongst the sites that I frequently visit for reading materials, this site had turned out to be one of my favourite for the last few days to douse the flames of boredom that had engulfed me at work (since there is almost nothing to do other than to wait for my components to finally arrive from the armory).

Introducing Damn Interesting, the site that offers great writeups on lots of interesting stuffs ranging from strange happenings to scientific breakthroughs of all time. The authors usually write their articles in a very suspenceful manner, inducing the readers to continue reading until the very end. To whet your appetite, here is one of my favourite article over there:

The Gimli Glider

So if you guys need something to kill off boredom, do visit and have fun reading the long time killers there, all the while gaining needed general knowledge to show off to your friends :)



  1. Really damn interesting :P And what's more, I found an article about eugenics, and I'm preparing a debate on that topic right now! What a coincidence! :D

  2. haha... good for you there. I've been reading the archives for a few days already. Most of the articles there are very informative and written in interesting and funny ways, which is what i liked most about it. ;)

    oh ya, just don't like it become a new time sink for you like it did to me :P


  3. Too late lo...:P

    Nah, I'm still able to do other stuff. Don't dare to look at the archives yet though :P I've got to do my exams first...