Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Farewell friends

Dear friends and kalyana mitras,

This isnt a proper farewell i know, but my wish remains true. I'll be leaving to the scotland tonight at 11.40pm from msia. Im sorry i could not meet up with and everyone of you before i leave but u will always be remembered and missed deeply. :)

Take care guys, we can still meet online virtually, hehe, i have a webcam with me ;)

yen chiew, im sorry i cuden meet up and have a proper farewell with u. I will certainly remember u always. all the best and i shall come back and have a good chat with u a year later ;)

Bye msia! You'll be missed deeply.



  1. send me ur email? i will msg u my phone number.. or are u still using the same no?
    take care wherever you are alright.. am gonna miss u too.. *BIG HUGS*

  2. Welcome to Europe! ;)

    We shall be closer to each other for 20 days...until I go back to M'sia :P Anyway I hope that you will adapt easily to Scotland...I'm sure you're going to have a great time studying there (not forgetting the holidays, of course ;) )

  3. yen chiew: thanks for calling me that day, u catch me just in time. hehe. i shall update myself soon in this blog!

    wp: what? i just came over and u are going back? aiyaya. how come?
    today is my 5th day in scotland. just got myself connected to internet. adapting quite well, and not in the mood to study yet! want to shop and travel. BIG sale starts this week! :)