Monday, June 02, 2008

Public Relations 2.0

Good day to you guys out there.

First, my apologies for not posting anything lately, since I am more involved in my work in my company (Just finished the design phase of the circuit), and I am more involved in the moderation of ReCom.

Nevertheless, I'll blog about my trip to Stockholm in Sweden a few weeks ago when I am done with minor cleaning up of the pictures taken there. The heat is causing major noise issues with the pictures taken, and sometimes i forgot to tune down the ISO when shooting in bright daylight. Ugh, talking about nice ISO spoilt pictures :(

As a filler, I would recommend you guys to have a read at the following article, which I think is useful for those who might want to start a business later on, or just about anyone else who isn't disconnected with the world. Have fun reading them ;)

Techcrunch: PR secrets for startups

Enjoy and till the next post, take care yea you guys ;)


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