Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cloud Formation...

A picture of a cloud formation which i had taken a few weeks ago...
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  1. kangarooMay 08, 2006

    An inspiring picture which has a lot of lessons to be reflected on. =p Thanks for sharing. =p

  2. huh? enjoy the pic la...think so much for what?

    it's for you to look, not think... :P

  3. kangarooMay 10, 2006

    Why not? I'm not thinking too much...just the picture stimulated certain part of my brain...just merely another image reflected in my mind. So i'm not thinking about the meaning behind the picture.

    Don't always think i'm a thinker. If you really know me well, you should know that i'm a feeler more than a thinker.

    Looking at a picture does not touch my heart, but feeling it does. Sometimes we are too dependent of our visual sensation, we tend to forget that the heart can actually feel.

    Plus, when you put a picture here, you shall not tell the viewer how to react with it, but let the viewer to view it in his own way. The life will be sooooo dull if everyone look the way you look and think the way you think.

    Diversity within the unity, and the unity within the diversity---this is how the world made of. =p

    P/S: too much liao.=p