Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy (belated) Wesak Day

Ok, i am late for this post, but late is better than never right? hehe... don't follow my example...

Wesak day is an occasion when Buddhists remembers the three big occasions in Buddhism, the Birth, Enlightenment and the Passing away of the Buddha. (ok, passing away is not a good word to use, but i am having a BIG writers' block now, keke)

During this day, Buddhists are called to remember the teachings of the Buddha, and remember to practise it in their lives... The main essense of Buddhism are actually very very simple, the maiin premise of it is to be mindful and concentrated all the time.

By being mindful, we are aware of our surroundings, and this will help us to appreciate the little things in life, and also enjoy it... Everyday chores like cleaning up the room and attending the class can even be fun and satisfying all the time just by being mindful.

By being concentrated, we are all aware of our actions at all times... We know the cause of our actions and will be fast enough to stop it if it will being along more bad effects than good...

these are the two main ingredients within Buddhism, from my point of view...

For the above reasons, although i don't label myself with any of the religious labels (not even the non-religion labels, i.e. antagonist or altheist), I follow the teachings of the Buddha closely, as i find it being the most fitting to my philosophy of life, simple is the best... ;)

with this post, i reaffirm my vow to the world, that i want to make it a better place to live in, little by little...

Happy belated Wesak Day to the all of you out there, and may you be well and happy always... ;)


Let's create a world filled with LOVE ;)

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