Saturday, May 06, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 19 : Forgive)

To forgive is not letting the past haunt you...
To forgive is letting go of the past...
To forgive is to look forth, and walk toward it...

note to all : although i had put out these words, i myself had not been practicing them to their fullest. Sometimes i find that my past haunts me, trying to sway me away from my own words... but anyway, i find these words useful, so here i am, sharing with you all... ;)

see hua
-Let this world be filled with LOVE-


  1. kangarooMay 08, 2006

    I know how hard is to practise this. You will not know how well you can uphold the practice of forgiveness until you are tested with unforgivable incidents.

    The ironic part of the forgiveness:- If you are able to forgive what is unforgivable, you forgive yourself at the same time.

    When we say an act is "un-forgivable", we think that it's impossible to forgive. But only if you are to punish yourself, you may keep on with this "un-forgivable" thought. Let go of the other, and let go of yourself:- this is the ultimate goal of forgiveness.

    Let's fill the world with forgiveness. May all beings be well and happy always. =p

  2. Forgiveness is never easy. It may end up as an illusion. Sometimes forgiven so it seems, but deep in it we never know.

  3. be true to yourself... trust what your heart tells you... illusion is but another vision...