Saturday, October 14, 2006

20 things an average person don't know about Windows XP (Link)

Found out about this site from Digg. Kind of useful for you guys... Read it up, and speed up the way you use windows xp... I might write some tips on my own later, because some of the tips presented there are kind of too complex to follow, and there are alternative ways which are easier to follow. =)


20 Thinge the Average Person Doesn't Know About Windows XP


  1. I especially liked the anti-aliasing effect, which works very well on my laptop.. I have always been wondering all the while, about why the font display on my laptop looks so bad compared to Mac or other TFT screens... :D

    Now everything looks much better!

  2. haha..i had been using that effect every since windows xp comes into existence... it can be eanbled with windows mobile 5 based devices s well...with it enabled, everything looks very nice=)

  3. Hehe, I take one look at that page and I don't feel like reading it...looks so long and complicated ... Maybe one day when I'm free? :P

  4. some of the tips are using long ways to do things which can be done in shorter steps...

    take ur time la=)