Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hidden Gem in the Net: Songbird

While browsing some of my favourite forum sites a few months ago, I came across a thread in the Ubuntu forums detailing a new cross-platform media player called Songbird.

Well, as someone who is very curious about softwares, especially new and cutting edge ones, I went to their site, downloaded give it a spin. It's interface is very iTunes-like, which is not a bad thing since iTunes had been my default music player for more than 2 years now. It's sleek black interface is refreshing compared to those of iTunes, and also Windows Media player 10 and 11.

Behind the pretty face of Songbird is the very same engine used by Firefox web-browser. Yup, you heard it right, it's literaly Firefox modified to be a media player cum web browser. I had to commend the developers for developing an intuitive interface for Songbird, no complains here.

The performance is very good for a player that is still in it's early stages. In fact, the stable version now only have a version number of 0.2 Developers Preview RC2, meaning it's not that ready for mass public comsumption yet... So far it had been very stable during my test-run on it, so by all means, try it...

The player is still under furious development as of now, and we can expect a great many more new and cool features awaiting to be implemented. Some of the new features to be implemented are extensions and themes support... *salivating at the prospect of it being as extentible and skinnable as Firefox=p

you can evaluate for yourself the capabilites of this player from the screen cast below=)...

Do give a visit and see for yourself what it's all about=)

Short Notes: My new semester will start next week. According to the schedule, my studies will put more pressure on me liao...meaning no more fooling around surfing the new all the time like the last semester liao... hehe... to all out there...enjoy yourselves yah...

on the other hand, it's raining everyday here... not good...the weather is just too good for me to snuggle under my blanket and sleep... translating to more trips to dreamland suring my classes =p


  1. hehe..the player itself is cute as well~~~~

  2. i haven't really uncovered the full potential of this player yet, since i had just re-downloaded it to see if it had improved since the last time i tried it... and there are a lot more features in the works for this player... yummy~~~