Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A special dedication

This post is directly dedicated our dear author of this blog...for others out there, bear with it for a moment..hehe..:p

21 years ago on this very very special day,
Born a very very special baby,
Simple and ordinary,
Yet so big at heart and gay. (no, nothing to do with sexuality at all)

9 months and 24 days ago,
Born a very very special blog,
A simple yet meaningful log,
For all to share and sought.

At this very very special moment,
There is a big big compliment,
Dedicated to this special appointment,
For all his effort and commitment.

His forever friendly smile and cheerfulness,
His undying effort and tenaciousness,
His undivided care and lovingness,
Deserve this little appreciativeness.

To the birthday boy,
May u be blessed, well and happy always. Thanks for all that you do. :)

p.s: thanks for putting up with my errr...lousy good in any kinds of poetic stuff..hehe..have a wonderful birthday :)


  1. Hey, it's (it was) the friendly ghost's birthday? Happy (though belated) birthday! :)

  2. wow, never know dear sis is such a poet. make me drop my glasses.. *plang!* .. scrambled to pick up specs.. uhh yup, it's really jen! wahhh impressed, impressed! keep it up! ;)

    as to the ghost, happy belated birthday! ;)

  3. thank u...hehe... ur glasses got problem or not? need me use laser to correct it back? jkjk

  4. jie~~ dun la...face red liao lor...later become bbq pig/bear face just a noob in poetry la...haha...later casper give u the laser right, ask him to treat ur eye not the glasses :P

  5. kekeke BBQ pork can eat one? yum yum :P hehe accept the compliment gracefully ;) really mah, better than me, never write poem before keke..:P
    hahahahahaah yah i also say, use laser treat my eye eye better la.. haha then no need to wear specs d woohoo! :P

  6. need wear least for short sighted ones... =p