Sunday, March 25, 2007

Journey called Life...(Part 37: Reading)

Reading and playing had always been part of me ever since i was in primary school. For all i know, the reading hobby was actually cultivated into me when my parents bought 2 big encyclopedias for kids when i was in primary 4.

At that time, i was by no means doing bad in class, but my parents were very very demanding on me at the time. They would demand me to be the top of the class at all costs, i mean AT ALL COSTS.

Everyday after i came back home from class, my mom would ransack my notebooks and bags for homeworks and checklist on what is supposed to be learnt before the next small test, and i will have to sit there beside her at the small table that my father built for our purposes and write and write and write until me and my older bro can memorize everything that is needed for the exam. Then afterwards, the results expected of me will be that i get perfect score for the exam. Not achieving what is expected of me will mean rotan for my poor hands. If their mood is good, then it will only be one rotan per mistake. If their mood was not good, it could mean lots more in store for me.

But in the end of the year, if i managed to please them with my results, they will take me to go kai kai (my childhood term for going shopping) and maybe buy some new toys for me, or even let us play at the game station in the supermarket while they go for their 'private time.'

I think i might had just put a bad name for my parents over the last few paragraphs there. But in reality, i have to thank them for being such forceful on my, or else you guys won't see me as who i am now. They are the ones that had let me into someone who loves knowledge of all things.

Today, reading is my top of list hobby. I get online everyday mainly to play games(WoW) and also to read. I can lose my internet connection, but i can't really lose materials to read. In fact, i always get myself spanked by my mom whenever i go back to Kuching due to the amount of tech magazines that i buy per week to read. But then again, as soon as i start to stop reading about these issues, i will have to spend a lot of time trying to catch up as this is a very very fast moving sector.

What do i read is the questions that you guys might want to ask at this point.

well, my interest at this point spans most of the fields that humans have knowledge in:
1. Technology esp those related to computers
2. Politics of Malaysia and of course the world.
3. Physics, more specifically in the field of Quantum Physics, Relativity, Cosmology
4. More recently, the financial sector as i am looking to increase my reserves.
5. Scientific articles, recently visiting Damn Interesting all the time.
6. Religions, i am interested in identifying the similarities in between the world's religions in a time when religious fanatics are trying to condemn everyone else to hell.
7. and practically everything else that raises my interest.

I believe that knowledge is the source of intelligence of all things. I am doing my best to apply what i have learnt into what i am doing, ad this will maximize the benefits i get from learning about things.

Learning is a life-long process, it's best that we do our best to learn the best that we could so our lives won't be wasted, for our own selves and for the whole of mankind.

Happy learning guys ;)

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~

p/s: I had made some adjustments to the sidebar of this blog. Hopefully it's more usable now, since there are less confusing and redundant categories and more intuitive names :p


  1. very inspiring...

    i am inspired~

  2. What, you actually like politics?! :P

    Anyway, my parents were rather like that as well...though maybe a little less strict :P Now that you mention it, it must be thanks to them that I like the sense of achievement and strive for it :) Cheers for parents! \^_^/

    About no. 6: Religions are all the same and yet all different ;)

  3. with you visiting ReCom once in a while, i though u'd the last one to ask that quesion :p..

    anyway, yes, i do read a lot into politics...

    ya, it's always until he time when we are reaping the results that we'd be thanking them. But better late then never. A job well done to my parents ;) To think of it again, i still like to argue about everything with my parents... and having fun doing so as well :p

    As for religions, it's the people who made such issue about differences. They are all the same anyway...

  4. oh ya, you guillotine cost me a trip into the future to have my nerves of my neck reattached and the skin regrown... gonna make you pay for that :p

  5. Er, I haven't been to Recom for quite a long time now... :/ I guess I should go look around a bit, but I'm kinda busy...will wait till the holidays :P