Monday, March 12, 2007

Sony Ericsson K750i -> W800i

After managing to read for more than 24 hrs, initial flashing, a phone that died on me and then revived later, I had managed to coax my Sony Ericsson K750i with APAC (Asia Pacific) firmware into a W800i APAC Walkman phone...yipee... hehe...

Now i have W800i Walkman phone with nice red K750i look... Ah, the taste of research and development, as well as long hours of reading that brought the sweet fruits to me...yipee!!

Notice the Walkman player on screen... hehe... Now wait for my 4GB Memory Stick Duo Pro to come, that iPod Nano is trashed :D :D :D

Thanks to the friendly and super resourceful guys in for their helpfulness in answering questions and for developing the wonderful softwares that made all these possible.

Ok, time for me to go and sleep liao... c'ya guys later :p

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~


  1. congratulation for ur hardwork. so ur k750i can read chinese now?

    and u sleep at 5am in the morning? just a few hour away from ur new sem 1st lesson? omg

  2. no ler...where got, i slp at 1am la... the time used with this blog is Malaysian time la :P

  3. I still really pei fu u to go and change your phone... Hahaha...

    Ok. Just dropping by to say that you've been tagged!!

    Best of luck with your studies ya?

  4. well, what can i say? i can never keep my hands quiet... hehe... anyway, it's a good experience doing research and finally succeed in doing it :)

  5. Eih, how come I saw you tagging me in Google Reader, but you deleted the post?

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. it's back online now... terclick on save as draft when i was editing it...