Thursday, March 29, 2007

What people think of you based on your choice of cellphone (in Australia)

Just got to read a post from Engadget about how people tend to think of you based on the choice of cellphones that you are using. Head over and check it out.

Don't look now, but that Nokia in your pocket means you're over the hill

Here would what people in Australia think of me based on the brand of my cellphone, Sony Ericsson k750i (modified into w800i)

Sony Ericsson: Ambitious young men, professionals, success driven, individualistic

Here's what they say about Phiaw who owns a LG Chocolate phone:

LG: Favorite of mums, stay-at-home parents, success driven, harmony seekers

which i say, is quite true :p

*Let's create a world full of LOVE~


  1. sony ericsson user: m i ambitous? professional? success driven? individualistic? maybe gua... in months to come???? =.=

    but i like w880i..... so cool....

  2. haha..i do agree too :D

  3. i still like my k750i... hehe... so nice la the walkman function... it's like carrying an ipod and a phone combined into one... :p