Sunday, July 01, 2007


Here is an interesting video from day-dreamer's blog about Ipoh. Since Jen came from Ipoh as well, I am going to help give tribute to it as well ;)

Go and have a look at this page and post your comments there ;)

For the benefit of those who are from ReCom, this is the girl version of day[dash or underscore]dreamer, not the one who have an anime girl as his avatar :p

Anyway, Kuching still rocks big time =)
I miss Kuching laksa :(



  1. i am waiting for kuching promotion from you, see hua. viel erfolg bei pruefung!

  2. Wah wah wah... thanks for the "publicity"... hahaha!!

    Jen is from Ipoh too?? What a small world! Which school was she from? :D

    Ya ya, I'm the innocent day-dreamer in ReCom. Hahaha!!

    Penang laksa also not bad la... :P

  3. She's from MGS.

    Penang Laksa where can fight Kuching laksa? Kuching laksa will beat it hands down le... hehehe...

    KU: Thanks. Kuching Promotion ar? No need to do it here la, I'll give you guys a personal treatment when u guys come :p

  4. I never been to Kuching before. So, who wanna give me an insight on how its laksa will beat Penang's hand down?? :P

    MGS... my sister's school. Hahaha!

  5. Penang Laksa, Kuching Laksa, Ipoh Tauge Chicken saya pun mau..hungry la wei...

    day-dreamer: kuching laksa has the texture of a curry but has a mixed taste of curry and laksa...confusing? simply, kuching laksa = curry laksa ;p
    As in how it beats penang laksa hands down, ask casper, coz my first definition of laksa is Penang Laksa ...keke... btw, i tot i mentioned before im ipoh mali? u forgot ah? which school were u from? And what so funny with MGS?

  6. Nothing funny about MGS, except for the fact that people used to say it stand for Monkey Gorilla School. No offence. :P

    I was from AMC. I think you should know this school, right? :D

    Ahh... curry laksa I know. Haha. Penang laksa mali~

    Ipoh mali, Ipoh Ipoh mali...

  7. Monkey Gorrila School ROFL