Monday, July 16, 2007

Realisation Part 10: The art of transforming anger

Picture speaks louder than words. Our life can be represented by a graph. I experienced the art of transforming anger with mindfulness today. Identify, embrace, understand and transform. Just some sharing of my ups and downs i went through today. Enjoy~



  1. This is a cool way to blog!! :)

  2. Er... I think I've done this knid of things before in National Service

  3. day-dreamer: Thanks! hehe, i always do this, but this is the first time i posted it..:P

    gila babi: har, national Service do this kind of thing? what is it for? :p

  4. Well, it's good that you anger goes down as quickly as it went times I think mine are an almost vertical line up and a slow

  5. The NS programme wants us to know tat we have been sad for a long time d.. Time to wake up and be happy..

    WTF ?! LOL ~

  6. gila babi: that also can? So r u happy now? hehe..

    WP: depends one la, if got things to cheer me up than fast la..:p