Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Charity Mission to Ladakh India 2007

Dear Bros & Sis,

I will be leading a group of 16 Friends of Mahabodhi Ladakh form Malaysia, Singapore & Australia will be visiting Ladakh India from 17th August 2007 till 26th August 2007. The group will be led by Bro Charlie Chia. We have prepared a missionary itinerary for the visit to Ladakh where we intend to carry out missionary and charitable works in the mountain villages of Ladakh.

At the same time we will visit the Mahabodhi International Meditation Campus of Venerable Sanghasena, a notable and compassionate Theravada monk called Devachan where he had set up boarding schools for the girls and boys from the mountains. The school have a student population of 250 students and all education are in English. He had also set a Meditation Centre, Nunnery, Senior Care Homes, 50 bedded Karuna Hospital and lately the Jetavana Monastery. For your information, Ladakh is the only Buddhist majority district in India. The population consists mostly of Ladakhi and Tibetan refugees. It is as high as 11,000 feet above sea level.

In conjunction with the missionary and charity work that we have planned there, here is a list of items that we intend to distribute:-

DVD's of latest shows for children

School Stationeries

UV Resistent Sunglasses (Old and stylish sunglasses are most welcome)

Electronic Watches

Hand Held Musical Intruments (eg Guitars, harmonica, flutes etc)

Computer Thumbdrives

Dynamo Batteryless Torchlights

Backpack bags and Luggage bags

As some of these items are very bulky and incur heavy air freight charges, we suggest that donors and well wishers contribute in the form of cash and we will procure them in India (the bulky items).

We hope each and everyone can approach your friends, colleagues and relatives for contributions and you can bank in to BGF account before 12th August 2007. the Account is as follows:-

Buddhist Gem Fellowship

Public Bank Berhad Account No. 3109670729

We hope to raise RM 50,000 to purchase all the items that have been requested.

May our aspirations and our generosity bring good merits and a safe trip.

Metta & Best regards
Chia Lui Meng, Charlie

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  1. im looking for sponsorship oso, raising RM 50,000 also...refer the prev post..under the title imu charity run-carnival 2007 :p