Thursday, July 19, 2007

Laws of Thermodynamics

The Laws of Thermodynamics states that the greatest state of chaos is the state when the temperature of the universe is completely uniform.

Putting that analogy to humans, does it mean, to achieve complete equality amongst us, the humanity would have to descend to complete chaos?



  1. Wah... so cheeem... :D

    But for now I think complete equality is impossible.

  2. almost speechless. :P

    I suppose this depends on whether the change for complete equality thermodynamically favourable? Even if so, it will reach a point called equilibrium where the free energy is at its minimum. Increasing free energy is thermodynamically unfavourable. So i guess it'll never reach the point of complete chaos or complete equality since it is against the natural tendency of the system.

    What ya think? :p

  3. how can the energy be at it's minumum when the amount of energy stays constant?

  4. im looking from the point of a system not universe. :P

  5. i tend to look at the big picture :p