Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ass U + Me

So what's with that ass u+ me?

It'll be an ass between u + me if you start to assume things.

Very often we just assume things based on past experiences and assumptions that others had made.

How tasty, how disasterous, how gorgeous, how bad, how good, how evil, how angelic, how useless, how helpful....etc etc...

All these are nothing but labels we put on a person. How well can these labels represent a person? Are they really what we labelled them as?

Nevertheless, labelling is yet another way of human use to judge people.

These labels may represent a person well at the particular point of time when the comment was made. But, how well can it represent the same person in the past, or in the future?

Is it fair to judge a person based on their past, what more based on other's point of view, when the person is a 'new' person now?

Are you sure that a person that is nice to you now, will not do something hurtful to you in the future?

Are you sure the person you see now, is the person they really are? Never judge a book by its cover. Life is full of uncertainties and surprises.

If you realise, almost every cells in our body is constantly changing, developing and differenciating. Old cells are replaced with new cells.

Red blood cells last only for 115-120 days. 75% of our body is water and every month or so, almost all the water in the body is replaced. 7% of our body weight is blood fluid and blood cells, most of which are replaced in 3 months.

After a period of time, our body is replaced with an almost complete new body. Can we still say that it is the same body 3 months ago?

The truth of life is change. Nothing remains the same. Keep and open mind and open heart and stop assumming things.

Past is past. Future has yet to come. We have a new life everyday, don't we? Live in the present!

Everything around us is, but an illusion. It's all created in the mind.

My phone currently is out of order. Sometimes it is okay, sometimes it 'falls sick'. Most of the time, it cannot receive signals and has no signals completely. It's severity increases with the time of the day. Beg my pardon if I don't get to reply your smses or even get contacted.

Got my class test results today. Another class test this friday. *cry*


  1. Assumptions are sometimes inevitable in life, especially when it comes to things which you aren't sure about.

    Scientists/mathematicians make a lot of assumptions, don't they? :P

  2. That doesn't mean u have to assume the things around u which should be a reality. :P