Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Post-Chinese New Year

Rat is a creature that run fast (If not how would the rat appear first in the zodiac calender?!).. Somehow the RAT year also goes faster than usual...or is it just me? Haha... No matter what, within a blink of an eye, it's already the 6th day of the Chinese New Year.

I felt that Chinese New Year very much comes in a package : family, relatives, friends, endless well-wishes, the scorching hot weather, red colour, chai shen ( the fortune god), all the Chinese New Year songs , incense and flowers, cookies, mandarin oranges, pamelos and lou sang and most important of all, a healthy body and a happy feeling to enjoy the festive season with vigour.

I had my one of the best and enjoyable CNY this year! Preparing food together, having tuan nian fan (reunion dinner) together with our loved ones, seeing everybody smiles, laugh until our stomach hurts, laugh until we pee in our pants, eat non-stop until our stomach buldge, visit relatives, long lost friends, getting updates and stuff our pockets with flashing red angpaus, visiting temples and praying for well-being and good fortune, praying of a good cheem, well-wishing everyone we see and sharing funny stories are the some of the best things I had done during this rat year CNY.

I really had enjoyed myself to the max! Now i am full of energy and vigour, and most importantly the right mindset to continue to strive in this never ending battle called life! :D

I wish my family, See Hua and family, and friends a very blessed rat year ahead. 万事如意。健康强壮。 笑口常开。中生美丽。 心想事成!!

Love is all we need!

I am back in my second day of lecture. I was allllllll alone on the day i came back on sunday and the whole unit was eerie, nobody around, pitch dark toilets due to faulty light bulb, water spraying due to faulty pipes, house unkept and rubbish to throw. Despite those, it is a blessing to come back earlier as i felt more ready to digest my lectures and absorb them :)
Count down: 6 more days to DD2 essay class test and 11 days to PP2 class test. Jia you!

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