Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Chap Goh Mei

As my first post after my very very short Happy CNY post, I apologize for my lack of activities here in the blog. These 2 weeks have been a very busy time for me myself. I have to finish up the last 3 papers in my final exam, the attend extra classes that is part of the curriculum. On top of that, I have to deal with the extension of my visa to allow me to stay here till the end of my studies and I have to write out lots of letters to apply for a place for my practicals.

Anyway, the atmosphere here almost doesn't reflect the true atmosphere of the Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia itself. Life just goes on like normal as if nothing significant had happened. The Germans didn't even know that it's our "Chun Jie" until after I mentioned it to them. To them, spring only officially starts somewhere at the end of the next month.

Just how did I am the other Malaysians celebrate the coming of the Rat year? Well, as "Tuan Yuan Fan" the Malaysian Chinese here gathered to cook a meal together. We drank Ba Kut Teh on that night but were quickly dispersed due the fact that it's still exam time and we have last minute stuffs to study and understand before the exam.

First day of the new year, we did have meal together yet again at about almost the same time span. By Friday, our exams are now ever and Joshua had flown to London to meet his friends over there. He did promise to bring back roasted duck from "Four Seasons", a famous roasted duck speciallist in London.

Well, a few days later, after Joshua comes back from London, we have had a gathering of the Malaysians living over here in Aalen to organize a steamboat evening. I finished my extra class early and got there to help with the stripping of chicken meat from it's skin and various other stuffs in the kitchen to prepare for the dinner. My senior, Meo Lian did a very good job with the soup for the steamboat and we have had a very nice gathering that night chit chatting and playing games on the PS2 and Poker (with chips).

The next day, the chinese gathered together again to have a meal again, this time with the roasted duck that Joshua brought back from London. The duck was sure very nice to eat, which is why that particular shop is very famous in London and to the Malaysians living in Europe as well.

Time sure passes quickly, now we are at the end of the celebrations time, with Chap Goh Mei coming tomorrow. How was your celebrations so far? Wishing you all a very successful new year ahead of you guys!

*Down or up, life goes on~


  1. Happy Chap Goh Meh!

    Eh, how come I don't know about this roast duck shop? :P (I find it surprising, though, that you can "ta pau" so people "ta pau" KFC from Paris to Lyon also I consider far already... :P)

    I had exams during CNY as well...but some of the others here finished their exams the week before. So they were the ones who had to prepare the "tuan yuan fan" :P