Sunday, March 05, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 2 : Heaven and Hell)

many would view heaven and hell as destinations where we would stay for after we were dead and being judged by a superior being, as to how good we were during our lives...

So i take it as everyone knows that we are creating our own heaven or hell based on our actions...and would like to aim for an afterlife that we so desire...

What many people didn't realize is the fact that, we are actually living in either hell or heaven in thie very life.

Let me tell a story to illustrate this fact...

A monk had been approached by a man which demended Him to show where is heaven and where is hell.

The monk replied "Just who do you think you are to ask me such question?"

The man became angry and started cursing the monk.

The monk then said "You are now in hell."

After hearing this the man calmed down having learned his mistakes. He then asked the monk again "Where then, is heaven?"

The monk answered "You are now in heaven"

I am not sure if i had retold this story accurately, but i think the story is enough to illustrate on just how important it is to live a wholesome and happy life. You are now in heaven and hell itself, it's just a matter of how you choose to look at the world...

do you want to live in hell, or preferably heaven?

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