Thursday, March 09, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 3 : Making a Difference)

An old man was walking along a beach...along the shore line of the beach there are lots of starfishes

The old man thinks to himself "These starfishes are surely to die if no one helps to put all of them back into the sea."

But he continues to walk along the beach without doing anything to the starfishes...

Then he came across a little girl, throwing the starfishes one by one to the sea...

He wondered what the kid is doing and so he approached her and asked her "Little girl, what are you doing?"

The little girl answered "I am saving these starfishes."

"But you can't possibly save all of them here! It's impossible with so much of them."

"Yes uncle, i know i can't save all of them, but at least i can save those which i had returned to the sea," said the girl and smiled at the old man.

What I want to say here is included within the story. We are just a tiny speck in this big world, and hence many of us tend to think that we aren't special and won't make a difference.

Perhaps to the world in general yes, we can't make our difference. But to those who really matters, we made a whole lot of difference to them...

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