Sunday, March 12, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 4 : The Power of Belief and Trust)

The Buddha once related this story to one of his diciples that showed just how powerful is it to believe in someone else:

There was a herd of elephants wanting to cross a river in the ancient times.

Within the herd there was a pair of elephants, a mother and her now born child.

Since all the elephants were large and heavy, they were able to cross the river safely. But the current can wash away the new born child.

Seeing the strong gush of the currents, the child hesitated to cross the river. But the mother gave him a nudge and led him along her side. After that they managed to cross the river together safely to the other side of bank.

This story is to show to all just how powerful one can be if we can just believe in themselves and the people around us. If you can believe in your capabilities and the capabilities of the people around you, there are nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal and dreams.

But there are always dangers if you overdo anything. Leave some room for doubts and questions, if not, you will fall into the dangerous world of overconfidence.


  1. never underestimate the power of our subconcious mind. we can do alot of what seem impossible possible. we are what our mind thinks. since everything elsewhere is illusions and everything is created in our mind, den when we think good, good we will be. If we think of success, success will it be. ever heard of neuro-linguistic programming? it's a pseudoscientific programme to train our mind to react in certain pattern, i.e programming our mind. we are our own trainer to our mind. so do train it the positive way :)

  2. the power of the subconcious mind will never be underestimated, as we never know it's capabilities...

    be a master to your mind, not the other way around...