Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 7 : Lotus)

I had always admired a beautiful plant called the lotus.

Firstly, it is beautiful and nice to look at.

Second, it is the one plant which lives in the swamp, cleaning up the dirty water for it's and the surrounding's use. Even though the environment is not that condusive for a plant's growth, it still thrives there, all the while keeping itself clean.

In every single one of our very unique lives we will at times be faced with challenges in which we have to solve. Failures, relationship problems, social problems, terminal diseases, death of close relatives are problems that probably most of us will experience in our lives.

And when faces with these challenges, many people chose to run away from it, choosing to become isolated or violent or other negative behaviors to escape from the fact. This effect are symbolized by the swamp and the muds.

Those who managed to thrive within this environment and challenges are those who had faced these challenges face on and chose to accept the fact and live with it. There are a lot of examples of people who are worse off than us, so why do we kept of whining on our so-called unsatisfactory conditions? Be content with ourselves and our surroundings, accept the facts, and never let it bog you down.

And sooner you will find yourself just like a lotus, happily living a meaningful life. Even though the world may not be that kind to you, somehow you had find a way to survive and even bloom like a lotus...

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