Monday, April 24, 2006

Journey called Life... (Part 15 : Kalyana Mitra)

I had first came into the concept of Kalyana Mitra 2 years ago during a trip to the buddhist gem group... When the people there are sp kind to give us a special session (really thanks to you guys ;))...

it's basically a concept of spiritual friend. He or she will be the one who will be there with you all the time, guiding you along the path. And if you had strayed, he or she will guide you back to the true path.

During the time when I am still studying in INTEC, a lot of things had happened. There are happy, and sad moments. There are also moments of understanding and conflict. I had, for several times strayed from the path. There is three friends of mine who actually dared to skank me whenever i do something wrong, while the other may not be that close to me to say anything... haha... okok..I AM naughty...mind you...

The times when i am in INTEC was really a long long class for me, for i had learnt a lot about life there...

I have experienced how a conflict can get blown from a just a minor conmflict to a major friendship-breaking one if we only keeps these things to ourselves... At the time, because I don't want to hurt the other side, I had become very very isolationist, thinking that the problem will go away if I just let time pass. Evidently, the result is very disasterous... and i think that buddy of mine for being daring enough to approach me at that time (I can get kinda scary when I want to be alone... :S). And true enough, while the scar remains, both of us are still buddies... ;) lessons learnt... ;) thank you for teaching me... ;)

I had also been listening to other people's problems. I had learnt that most of the time, they just need someone to be there to listen to their problems, and help them choose the best decision to make, and also to be there for them at this time when they needed us the most... lessons learnt... ;) thank you for teaching me... ;)

this might not apply to the all of us, but i find it very good if we are able to relate our problems with anyone to the affected one. He or she might not know of his or her mistakes at all time. So do take the liberty of telling them what is in your mind. I find that it's not very healthy to just bottle things inside you all the time... We all are like pressure cookers... and the thing is going to blow sooner or later due to enormous pressure if we don't release it regularly... ;) lessons learnt... ;) thank you for teaching me ;)

there are times when we are up and down, i had learnt so much that i won't let bad memories bother me anymore. And this kind of feeling is like.... very liberating... let go of the past, look forward... why do we choose to look at the bad and dark side of the world when we can look at the other side? the bright and nice side? life is just too short to frown, so smile always...lessons learnt... ;) thanks for teaching me... ;)

Life is not all about work and no if you feel like so, do become gila gila at times... it's a good way to release tension... and of course, a good way of strengthen friendships... and a nice opportunity to have fun too ;) ... lessons learnt... ;) thank you very much... ;)

It also is nice to give surprises at times... hehe... it's doesn't have to be a big one... just a small gesture will do... so that your friends will smile more ;) lessons learnt... ;) thank you very much ... ;)

I find that being humble at all times can help limit your ego. Be ready to admit your mistakes, and be ready to rectify it... people can only go so far in guiding you, in the end, change have to come from within yourself... lesson learnt... ;) thank you very much... ;)

when there is a problem, be strong and face it... even though there might not be light ahead of you, rest assured, if you continue to go forth, there WILL be light at the end of the tunnel.. ;) lessons learnt... ;) thank you very much ...;)

I find that while we can't really change the world in it's whole, we can do little change for those who really matters : our friends and families ;) lessons learnt... ;) thank you very much... ;)

I had also found out that by keeping our expectations down, life's much easier to go through... go for simple... lessons learnt... ;) thank you very much... ;)

for all of the above lessons, i have all of my close friends to thank for... so to all of my friends, I salute you all for showing me the way, directly and indirectly, and from deep within my heart, I thank you all for that... :)

there are too much of my friends to list here... so you know who you are ;)

hehe...i wish the all of you well and happy always there, and do take care always... I won't say the phrase 'friendship forever,' it's just an illusion... i say, i cheerish what i have now, let's enjoy it while we still know each other ;)



  1. I'm here to congratulate you.
    Because YOU ARE REALLY A MAN. I salute you.

    For whatever I'd done in the past, I won't say sorry, but THANK YOU! I'VE LEARNT ALOT FROM YOU.

    YOU ARE MY KALYANA MITRA. I wish you be well and happy always too. =p

    Take care.

  2. i want to congratulate you too...for u had learnt your lessons thru life the saying goes, experience is our best teacher.

    I have learnt and still learning alot from you. Thanks alot.

    You are my kalyana mitra too. May u be well and happy always. :)

  3. oh many people out the heck cn i guess who is that wo? tm i should put...disallow anonymous posts... keke...

    btw, thanks for the wished and for being my friends ;)

  4. redpillowMay 28, 2006's me la duh...haha